Daily price of Bitcoin, SBD, STEEM and SuperiorCoin for 14th April 2018

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Price Today

BTC USD (CoinMarketCap) = $7,991.11
SUP BTC (BTC Alpha) = 0.00000021
SUP USD (BTC Alpha) = $0.0017
SUP BTC (SouthXchange) = 0.00000024
SUP USD (SouthXchange) = $0.0019
SUP BTC (Stocks.exchange) = 0.00000021
SUP USD (Stocks.exchange) = $0.0017
SBD USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.39
STEEM USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.69

Price Yesterday

BTC USD (CoinMarketCap) = $7,807.29
SUP BTC (BTC Alpha) = 0.00000023
SUP USD (BTC Alpha) = $0.0018
SUP BTC (SouthXchange) = 0.00000021
SUP USD (SouthXchange) = $0.0016
SUP BTC (Stocks.exchange) = 0.00000021
SUP USD (Stocks.exchange) = $0.0016
SBD USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.61
STEEM USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.96

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Thank you for keeping us posted

I am very glad to see that , Cryptocurrency price increased from before.
And i also get very important update daily from you.

Thanks for the daily overview ;-). Exaggerated optimism is probably premature ;-)

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It's amazing that we're now experiencing crypto come back

Great update from you always have a good weekend

crytos are going to moon

Oh it is increasing!!

happy day Colin, excellent information

thanks for the update friend!

Thanks for your regular review ;-). Perhaps it will last for us

Price has gone up..

Wow. it's really amazing.. And i know it hit the bull.. Up and up and going on

support for you from kryptonia @ziggy

Gracias por manternos actualizados

Steem and SBD upward trend.

Thank you!

Thanks for the update

Great update

Thank you it's really amazing

great update on cryptocurrency

nice update keep it up

Steem still toping SBD

Nice to see it holding there :)

Thanks for the updates !!

Thanks for the information.