Creating Kryptonia Tasks and earning SuperiorCoins to run Tasks

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1. Go to

Kryptonia Tasks #1

2. Login with your Kryptonia username/password. If you don't have an account then Register and then login.

Kryptonia Tasks #2

3. Click "Task"

Kryptonia Tasks #3

4. Click "Create Task"

Kryptonia Tasks #4

5. Enter the Title, Description, Link, Image, Reward and Total Tasks. The Budget is Reward * Total Tasks.

Kryptonia Tasks #5

6. This is how people see the Task. They click on "5 SUP" to complete the Task.

Kryptonia Tasks #6

Check my previous post about getting SuperiorCoins to run Kryptonia Tasks:

If you are interested contact me on Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

Kryptonia Links


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Great done , this is explanatory and simple to do , @kryptonia @sydesjokes Rocks!


Thank you @kryptonia would love to have you here , please, either need a little boost!

Sounds interesting I will have to take a look.

Interesting coin.

Postingan yang sangat bagus...IMG_20171009_143024.JPG

Thanks for the link, do they have an affiliate program?


Working on providing a referral link.


cool, I just signed up and have got a message about approving my account. "Please wait for account to be approved or email support at [email protected] for account verification"
do you know how long it would take?


Shouldn't take long.


What was the name you registered as?

good information thanks for share..bro

Wow.. u attracted me so much @sydesjokes. Thank you for your guideline article..

Really very nice idea.thanks for sharing with

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