How New Faucet For Superior Coin Works

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Superior Coin News - 1 SUP every 1 Minute Faucet

Superior Coin Faucet

Members have asked for a faucet, development team have responded by setting one up, a wallet will still be required either in Kryptonia or a GUI wallet to work with the faucet, quick links below and on the bottom of the faucet page, for more information about Kryptonia and Superior Coin.

Superior Coin Faucet Link

Kryptonia User Guide Link

Superior Coin Faucet, you will be required to do initial sign up, requirements are in image below. In future to gain access to faucet, manually input your wallet address/email address and tap on "Go Button" entry is quick and easy, taking you directly into the faucet.

Superior Coin Faucet

Should you wish to donate, depending on the amount of SUP invested the Donate button will require information indicated in image below. Blog URL, Business URL, URL randomly selected appearing between each faucet run of 60 seconds. Anonymous donations are also welcome to support the project!

Superior Coin Faucet

Paid with SUP - Advertising: Those wishing to donate to the faucet will be given the option to link a site for business purposes. Paid advertising from within the Superior Coin Faucet, in the first image you will notice a Donate Here button, complete this before entering the faucet, or at a later date if you would like to use this facility.

Superior Coin Faucet

How it works - Superior Coin Faucet

Superior Coin Faucet signing up or donating now set up, let's move into how this works. After a countdown timer runs from 60 seconds to 0 (Zero) seconds it pays you 1 SUP, at this point you Claim each time (where an add normally appears), claiming must reach 10 SUP before you are able to move to the next step.

Superior Coin Faucet

Capture pop-up to check you are not a robot doing the work, it will take you to another site with the advertised payments being opened, support these sites who are donating into the faucet by visiting.

Superior Coin Faucet

Capture identification is used regularly in the system to check that you are not a robot to keep the system stable from abuse.

Superior Coin Faucet

When the Balance reaches 10 SUP you are able to claim Superior Coin tokens to the Unlock-Balance, here they will stay in pending, until you decide to move them to your wallet.

Superior Coin Faucet

Once you have 10 SUP on the Balance side you can now transfer to Unlock-balance, or you can build to a larger number before accepting the offer to un-lock.

Superior Coin Faucet

Here are 10 SUP in Balance* finalizing next countdown of 60 seconds is completed, use Get Paid to move into Unlock-Balance start to build.

Superior Coin Faucet

Superior Coin Faucet

Superior Coins Balance to Unlock-Balance with final move to a Wallet

Now we have an Unlock-Balance you may wish to transfer this into your GUI Wallet or the Kryptonia Wallet whichever you have decided to use, once Transfers are ready in pending they will be processed (I am still testing this to see how this works). Please remember this may take some time, living in Africa I have learned to have some patience, give the crypto some time to move from one wallet to the next.

Superior Coin Faucet

My Account will indicate what stage tokens are sitting in for a quick overview on what you achieving.

Superior Coin Faucet

Main Faucet page will show Transfers still sitting in a Pending state, you will be able to see when that amount moves out of pending, it should then reflect in My Account as a Successfully Transferred amount, since my first two transfers are still in pending they have not yet arrived into either of my wallets, GUI nor Kryptonia.

Superior Coin Faucet

Friendly reminder, moving tokens from Superior Coin Faucet to Kryptonia would be my selection of wallet, why you may ask?

Kryptonia Wallet offers a 1% interest paid to accounts with a balance of coins in the wallet at the end of each month, more passive earnings.

Learning, Building and Growing together in Crypto, don't be shy to ask for help a very supportive group awaits you.

Report Back On Payments Received:

On the faucet side it reflects payment made to GUI Wallet address, currently experiencing an internet connection I know I am unable to connect to the GUI Wallet, I am happy to see it has gone through.

Superior Coin My Account Transfer Success

In the Kryptonia Wallet where I strongly urge you to transfer into, here is the 10 SUP moved to test, to see this amount go into the Bank, Basic Tab and all is revealed, full review now concluded, enjoy the faucet adding passive earnings to your wallet.

Kryptonia Wallet Basic

SuperiorCoin Links:

Kryptonia Links:


[email protected]

Communities I support: @qurator @steemitbloggers @teamsouthafrica @kryptonia




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Congratulations @joanstewart ! You received a 20.60% upvote from @kryptoniabot & @kryptonia for your task of 2200 SUP Today.

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Delegate to the Kryptonia Upvote by clicking links: 10SP , 50SP , 100SP , 500SP , 1000SP

Due to an increased amount of tasks, we have changed up the voting power to evenly spread out the Upvote amount.

Any issues with the SUP Faucet can be reported in Superior Coin Telegram Channel.

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More growth in the Kryptonia and Superior coin system and community will lead to better value.
Quite interesting platform

Always trying to improve at members request @airsoftman also enjoy the community, have a lovely day.

Great information sir and [email protected]

Hope you find it helpful @shiab

The SuperiorCoin Faucet has some new features:

  1. An new e.mail verification process on sign up.
  2. Donation links history.
  3. E.mail notificaton for Donation links that are about to expire.

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Step 1:

After fill your information select the reCaptcha and click the Sign Up bottom. A pop up message will announce you have to look at your mail box to complete the validation process.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.17.46 AM.png



Step 2:

Go to your email account and verify the mail from SuperiorCoin faucet. Follow the mail and click on the link to active your Faucet account.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.21.08 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.22.01 AM.png

Step 3:

Your account now is successfully activated.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.22.19 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.23.19 AM.png


SuperiorCoin Telegram Channel

Thanks for additional information @colochos

Great to know this. Have to try the faucet now.

Have fun @dhanu4u another bit of learning goes a long way.

Great post. Upvoted and Retweeted.

Thanks for support @sydesjokes

Thanks for introducing yet another new crypto to us.

Small crypto that will go a long way in community @roselifecoach has lovely features on offer.

That's true!

Se ve interesante este proyecto, voy a estar atenta para registrarme y participar

It is a fun place to earn a little and interesting worldwide community @mariale07

Great faucet, have earned a few additional coins this way and so impressed have even donated to it.
Keep up the GREAT work @Kryptonia ID @socialmediaseo

A boon for members not able to mine @socialmediaseo if commuting to/from somewhere with time on your hands, switch onto faucet and make passive earnings.

Brilliant I'm going to check it out and I'm an off to the faucet now

It is very easy to work with @ianstevenson have fun.

How long it takes to arrive to kryptonia from faucet?

Doesn't take long to receive coins from Faucet to Kryptonia. In Kryptonia Bank look for Transaction Type "SUP DEP" in the section Transaction History --> BASIC tab.

Still being tested @me2017 if Superior Coin has not reached Kryptonia wallet after 24 - 48 hours I would make contact with support and ask.

great post !

Nice information

I like the idea of a superior coin faucet and I signed up for it but the idea of claiming every sixty seconds is a little much. I did enough to get the first ten and haven't been back since

Great to hear you gave the faucet a test run @the-witty-waiter this will help members who do not mine to earn some SUP.

As always Dev Team will take advice and alter should anyone have ideas to run the faucet making it user friendly for all.

I try that faucet this morning and have already earn 67 sup. I try to withdraw it on my web wallet but nothing is credited to my wallet.

Is it on the front page in pending @cloudspyder it may take a while to move across.

Join to our telegram channel and the community will be glad to assist you.


Telegram SuperiorCoin

Thank you for this. Now i understand how to go about it. I was having a hard time in trying this.

I test and write, step by step to try assist others @rubelynmacion so glad to hear it helped.

thank you for the info this is really awesome!! Its great that it has a faucet now because there are tasks that I can't do in kryptonia.

Every little bit in earning SUP helps us grow @fleurinna

Its a nice faucet, I used it for 30 mins and got the payment.

Yes if you have it running quietly, you can add a nice balance into your wallet @dhaneshpk

Wicked good lookin out @joanstewart :) Thank you taking the time to thoroughly walk us through the process and the heads up about making passive earnings with the kryptonia wallet. I will be taking your advice <333 Much Love! #steemitbloggers

This comment was made from

SUP Crypto used to work with Steemit has helped many, faucet an added bonus for those not able to afford mining rigs, member requests are taken into consideration, feedback on performance to iron out bugs also always appreciated @thereikiforest

Kryptoniya Id : prokaysar

Thank you joan. I now understood how this faucet works and how to do about it. This is very helpful. upvoted by croxdragnel

Thanks for feedback @croxdragnel have a wonderful day.

I clicked on the link but got a 404 page doesn't exist message. Any ideas?

Link is working now.

Try again @boboxer if you still encounter problems, please contact the support team via email (at the end of content above), or in Telegram where someone will always be happy to help within the community.

Excellent post! This is a new face of SUP and its great!

Anyone who writes in another language, please feel free to translate @maryresp

Thank you for the information. Will for sure take look at it and participate. @damiana

Thanks for reading and hope it benefits you @damiana

This is a very good post, I now understand it better. upvoted and resteemed. I will really like it, if you continue thanks.

Thanks for your feedback @jamescrusader

I sign up, but it doesn't appear the timer:


Do you know why is it? Should I just talk with someone on their Telegram channel?

Try put your Wallet number in for either Kryptonia or GUI and hit the GO Button, no need to sign up again.

Chat on Telegram if you need help, or make contact with Support @kimbygrr

I'll have to Telegram someone or contact support because it doesn't work my "go" button either. It leads me to sign up again.

Join to our telegram channel and the community will be glad to assist you.


Telegram SuperiorCoin

this sounds really interesting @joanstewart, can those coins be exchanged for any other coins at some stage?

Hi @joanstewart, i have logged in but I am baffled by these tasks? what are we supposed to do there?

Tasks is an area you can pay via Superior Coin for people to complete whatever you request by accepting the task at hand, anywhere with a URL link basically.

Great way to share content @claudiaz

thanks @joanstewart just having a look but still trying to find my way around. Can we do the mining from inside there or do we have to sign up separately?

Faucet is separate, mining is discussed in detail/assistance with other miners in Telegram.

nice post @joseleonardojose kryptonia

Will help those who don't own mining rigs to earn a little more @jos3lider

Me podrian explicar un poco esto????

Unete a nuestro servidor en Discord para brindarte toda la asistencia necesaria: SUP SPANISH CHANNEL