Beware Of The Bitcoin Guru or Expert

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"Guru - Expert" - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies on Blockchain Technology

Medium - Ben Messika

Guru is a Sanskrit term that connotes someone who is a "teacher, guide, expert, or master" of certain knowledge or field. - Wikipedia

An Expert is someone who has a prolonged or intense experience through practice and education in a particular field. - Wikipedia

Many flout being one of the two above, I personally find this concerning, since those who really have knowledge seldom use this terminology.

Let's put this into context, many have an interest in the same topic, each one reading a learning something new daily, none are truly a "Guru" or and "Expert" since we continue to learn.

We pool ideas to obtain a suggested outcome, that is a consensus. Majority who share advice on what they have read or experienced, share this by spreading the news to like-minded readers, normally a warning is given, they are not Financial Advisors.

Keeping this in mind one must do one's own research, no matter what you decide to do, in crypto warnings are loud and clear, read and learn before investing.

Content that is controversial, check facts before sharing a mistruth. If scientists are answerable to their peers, online messages should be as well.

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on,” said Winston Churchill.

With information exploding around you daily, the world has become a place of quick news, by checking the source find out if indeed it is true!

Too many are on a 'get rich quick' slogan, information being only partially factual and accurate, swooping others along with their explosive 'Guru or Expert' posts on how to follow them into greater wealth.

Source: Pixaby

Source Pixaby

Life and technology is taking us down a path of blockchain technology, we believe in a fair trade, fair advantage for all. Banking the unbanked, sharing out wealth, that more may go to bed with a meal everyday.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies today, take us back to 1990 where the Internet was then. Blockchain technology is in an infancy stage and anticipated to continue to grow with adoption, use and education.

Not being the greatest at expressing in words, here is an article from someone wiser, with a well written and researched article:

To what extent can cryptocurrency and blockchain technology make a positive contribution to society and our economy now and in the future? By Ben Messika

Full Article,excellent half an hour read.......

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain the Future

Undoubtedly, smart contracts give more power to the individual and strip a lot of the monopolistic influence of large corporations. Ben Messika

Starting out this article as a warning to research information, reason being people need to learn at a pace they are able to afford, reading is not always a means to an end, implementing learning has to take place.

'Start doing', Build your Confidence and Knowledge in Cryptocurrency.

Superior Coin is affordable right now to start learning crypto that is private, familiarize oneself with mining, or implementing business online using cryptocurrency, learn how to trade in transactions to and from exchanges.

Got what it takes to join the technical team, find out more the team of developers are growing this crypto daily. Superior Coin has a team of 14 developers in four countries as I type.

Yes, everyone wishes to earn, live a well rounded life, doing it in a community where others are prepared to help, makes it all the easier.

Superior Coin Affiliate Link, click here and take a look.....

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I agree with your "Guru" sentiment, it's a word which has been tarnished by idiots.

I kinda stumbled upon Steemit because I took a course on Crypto's from there I stumbled across Superiorcoin. I'm now mining the coin with some oldish kit and will be building a rig in the coming months after learning how it all works.

So, learn, research and apply, that's my way, as we continue this "Crypto's & Blockchain" journey. :)

Upvoted, Comment & Resteemed task from kryptonia @stevehuggett

Neatly summed up thanks @stevejhuggett learning never stops, @kryptonia has made this easier for most.

Yeah I agree :)

Haha. I became a certified blockchain expert, primarily to give me a bit more credibility in my business as I teach blockchain courses, but you're right, I'm less of an expert than many people on Steemit. I know enough to teach the general concepts, but 'Expert' - not sure about that.

Can totally relate I did A+ years ago, love software, hated hardware side but everything changes so quickly how can anyone be an expert in technology today.

This is true, a lot of these so called professional certifications are just money spinners for the organisations that invent them.

I like the adoption graph. All I would say is that I think we're leaning a little bit closer to early adopters, there are still many innovators but a lot of people with zero knowledge of cryptocurrencies are also benefiting from its technology. And that's fine, because you only need a people who know what they're doing to uphold of widespread use. Have you ever heard of the V50 lectures?

No I have not heard about V50 lectures @impatientoptim it is good to keep inquiring and learning.

The V-50 lectures are a large set lectures created back in the 1980s by Andrew J. Galambos on the subject of volitional science. They're probably one of the best libertarian expositions I ever witnessed, and it really redefined my frame of reference about freedom, especially Financial Freedom.
I highly recommend them to any thinking person like yourself, although now they're are only on audio tapes.
Have a lovely day.

I will hunt that down and go through them thanks @impatientoptim

My thinking started to deviate during 2008, Alan Moore made more sense to me than most and I still follow his ideas life is definitely changing in more ways than one.

Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation. You have a great day!

For steady and sustainable presence in crypto market, we should forget "get rich quick" slogan as you mentioned.
Examining each claim's truthfulness takes effort and time. Everyone saw what happened to ZLC lasr week. Bitconnect etc
we need to focus on fundamentals more than technical indicators and rhat takes time for reading and understanding

Nothing in life is free, education and learning take time before actually earning. Finding the right place and community to share and learn in, to me are of the utmost importance.

Thanks for your comment, appreciated @honarparvar

Reteemed and great post!

Great to have you visiting @ianstevenson

Thanks! Upvote, and re-steem from kryptonia member - Jerry32

Enjoying your articles @sanitizemylife informative and fun.

A good message Joan, and one that needs to constantly put out there. Do your own research before making a judgement. Make sure you look at both sides of any question, even if you don't agree, you may still learn something.

I don't think I have ever posted without giving the same warning!

We hear of too many being duped into believing crypto is a 'gravy train', no warnings as fast as you make, you can lose @berolena

So true @joanstewart many people predicting all sorts of things on cryptocurrency around here!

Doing one's own due diligence is better in the long run, and the final decisions do not rest on other's hearsay. :)

No one to blame but oneself when things go wrong, best to do your own homework always @dianadee

I personally bliv there is not guru in this crypto space .....kryptonia (ezekiel)

Debates, ideas but no guru, you are right @eastyga

Hey Joan, returning the favor from Kryptonia.

I agree that crypto has a steep learning curve, but well worth it!

Enjoy learning @uvas

Very interesting article

Thanks @woland76 have a great day.

Very interesting, great post!

Keep learning, keep safe @alejandromata

Thanks for the article. I slowly learn to absorb information and evaluate it separately ;-)

Your visit is always appreciated @bucipuci

It's my pleasure ;-)

Most of these guys are bought by the said coins to drive sentiments and emotions as that is what sustains the cryptocurrency markets. I agree with you one needs to do their own research and build on it everyday. Otherwise if you don't you are just gambling or playing lottery.

No risk, no reward still very much part of crypto today, so caution is required every step of the way @mutitum thanks for visiting

Very nice article @joanstewart. Thank you for this!
Will surely resteem 👏👏👏
Got you from Kryptonia.

Greetings @wilsonblue5 look forward to sharing on @kryptonia

Great way to start investing. Upvoted and resteem.

Appreciate your comment @acmanigos

Yes, there are alot of people who believe they are experts in crypto currency, but this is a new world, nobody knows exactly how this thing works or most impirtantly, where it is going.

My sentiments exactly @gduran

Reteemed! Great post!

Thank you for the article and the warning @joanstewart and the effort you put into this article!

Investing in anything is at risk, I shudder to think of people losing life savings due to over inflated egotistical people they may follow @hope777

Great article, helpful for a newbie like me for sure!

It would be wonderful to see you join @kryptonia where you are able to learn in a community @lilyraabe

Fantastic post @joanstewart I saw your post in the Facebook group. Followed and upvoted :)

Nice to know Facebook is still alive and well, very short visits there daily 😊 thanks @zacharylutes

Will resteem @joanstewart😄

Thank you @jasonabejero

Hey @joanstewart hope you are well? It fascinates me that people are so into money that they will believe everything that anyone writes. People that are not into crypto will not understand this. I have been into crypto for nearly 18 months now and I learn something new every day. Slowly but surely I am building up my confidence to play around more and I have done so well that one of these days I will be able to quit my job and just go into crypto full time. Hold thumbs that it all works out for me! :)

Crypto is so new, a journey all of it's own.

Delving into this idea for 3 years now @giantbear and only scratching the surface. So many branches being developed off of this technology, it is an ongoing learning curve.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great article! Agree with your message about having to do your own learning and research before making any decisions wrt cryptos.

Assess our own future and how we live it @wilfredn always be wary of slick sales people.

I loved the quote you used by Winston Churchill! LoL, so very true. I have never heard of superior coin, I may have to go dig in a bit and do some research, thanks for the advice :)

It was the only quote that came to mind @moderndayhippie

It's cool of you to provide all this advice, @joanstewart! I recently watched a very funny video about bitconnect scam, made me laugh seriously, but the topic is really serious. It's easy to get disoriented and misinformed, there are so many things to learn in the cryptocurrency world. Thank you for this post!
All the best,

So true @shinyforest laughing about it may be the best medicine with the way things move today.

I only recently got started with Kryptonia and Superior Coin, quite interesting what they are doing with it. I really hope it picks up a bit, it can help quite a lot of people.

#superiorcoin will grow in value as it is adopted and used, it is exciting that so much is available to help people to work with, and understand crypto, so while still not too expensive it is a great place to build in a community.

Oo, superior coin, aye? I'm still so clueless with crypto, but learning! (Thanks to posts like yours!)