**HULK SMASH !!!** - RIP Stan Lee - Graffiti/Streetart/Stencil Tribute to your Universe !

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The Incredible Hulk


Rest in Peace, dear Stan Lee, creator of the most wonderful Marvel Universe.


Greetings all #Steemians & Friends,

two day ago, a real hero died , - #stanlee the great creator of #marveluniverse -
with his imagination , lots of my childhood dreams were filled
his superheros were the literature & role models of my youth & still are.
This shall be a tribute to him and all his creations,
who came to life in his mind and will never leave our minds again.

Imagination & creation of it´s finest !

The Hulk - "Does not #play/spray well with others !!!!" -except maybe Agent Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow,
he is the most schizophrenic character ever - a brilliant scientist & a mad mad mad green monster.
From his (and mine ;) early TV-days , to most of his modern day movie appearances i loved this raging green nuclear mess ,
being the most powerful of all, he is the most uncontrollable

  • great irony of life
    much better than Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, even though Robert Louis Stevenson was a great imaginator too.



If you can find the time - you can visit me in my shop & atelier Thu-Fr 14.00-18.30 & Sa 11.30-17.00

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Love&Greetings to @all #steemians.




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