Congrats Philadelphia Eagles from Denver Broncos Fans! Awesome Game

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Yes! As good of a player as Tom Brady wasent enough to beat the Eagles in Super Bowl 52. This was a well deserved win by the birds and a credit to their team and franchise because of all the injury adversity they had to overcome this year. Great game Eagles!


I live in the UK and this was the first time I successfully stayed up to watch the whole Super Bowl. An entertaining game and well worth it, my personal highlight was the trick play from which the Eagles scored a touchdown, I'm surprised you didn't mention it!

I did mention the trick got named the "Philly Special". Do you follow @britchief ? He and I go back and forth a lot, he's a good chap.

Whoops my bad! I'm just not clued up on all the NFL lingo. No I don't follow him but I'll go and take a look at some of his posts

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I bet you Tom Brady feels a little deflated. The game may have turned out differently if Rob Gronkowski was healthy.

Fate does not fail brother. It's unfortunate, but it's true.

Dang Cuz I figured Ol Lefty 3 rings would have made an appearance! It was a great game indeed! Keep up the great vlogs @broncnutz !

Come on cuz.....u really think I pick the SB stone cold and Lefty's not gonna show up??????

HAHA I just figured he'd be right at it slinging the gabbagool out for everyone!

Great prediction from Lefty and it all came down to the 4th quarter. Congratulations to the Eagles and to Lefty!

It is so nice to see a changing of the guard but so impressive that the Pats were there again.

What did you think about that play at the end of the first half? BALLS even Lefty would have been impressed.

Thanks for the report and sage advice for Eagles fans. OG!

I must admit I am in it for all the new commercials, Justin Timberlake, and the tight pants as I watch only this game all year.

That being said, all the patrons in the #cryptopub definitely match your enthusiasm Mr. Bronc I will be rooting for your Denver boys next year.

Hey I may have bought a round but I still am grumbling about my Vikings.

Eegle games I heard firts time.
Resteem your post sir

Tom Brady must've deflated the wrong set of balls ;)

That means alot coming from you @broncnutz The Godfather of The Broncos! We needed this win so badly. I never thought I'd live to see the day, and here it is...

dilly dilly!

Go Broncos!! Glad to see Brady drop that pass!!!

I know it was better for the game in general for the Eagles to win, but oh man. As a diehard Cowboys fan living in Eagles country, I'm going to be hearing about this for a long time. I've been throwing up in my mouth a little all day congratulating all the Eagles fans I know. @broncnutz imagine having to congratulate Chiefs fans for winning the Super Bowl and you will know my pain.

Of course if the Cowboys would ever play to their potential I wouldn't have to go through this. Enjoy the off season friend and hopefully our teams will come back stronger next year.

Well done to the Eagles and good shoutout @broncnutz!

I am holding the Cloverfield move for tonight...can't wait!

Now for a new season and the Broncos shall dominate!

Knew if I wanted to discuss the game that this was the place to go. Not a whole lot of sports on here.
Yeah, Foles did a heck of a job! The offense was rolling the whole time. How many punts were there? 2?
Huge accomplishment for the Eagles. I'm excited for them to finally get a win!
It's strange that people need to be told not to burn down their city in celebration, but probably a good message anyways.
Have the Pats gotten more draft picks for next year already, or are they waiting until 31st to pick?

Great sentiment. It's nice to see that a diehard Broncos fan can give the Eagles a little love... I think the Eagles are changing the template for what it takes to be successful in the NFL... Probably their only true superstar is Wentz, and he's a humble dude from North Dakota... Their highest paid player is a defensive tackle... Lots of depth everywhere, and that's what made them so resilient all year. The wheels never came off the wagon, even though the loss of Carson was devastating... I hope the Broncos can find a similar model for success in 2018!

I thought it was a great game. I'm calling it in the next 3 years... Kirk Cousins (of the Broncos) vs. Mitch Trubisky. Bears over Broncos! They're all in the Southeast (ATL, MIA, TB). I prefer it be Superbowl 55 in Tampa, I'm in Orlando. We'll meet up pregame and smoke a phatty when it happens LOL!

Great game and we got a cool movie to watch after!! ( Cloverfield: paradox)

Great post, sir!

P.S. I like to have this handy to keep calm during the corrections every year.


Congrats to eagles and good luck to Denver fans . Good video

Nice video, good play eagles . Keep posting

Congrats to Eagles. You are right, they totally deserve it. My money was also on them:).

nice vedio friend as always 😊


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We're talking about American Football!

well its a new game for me couse i was out of ths

congratulations to the eagles i likes crocodiles any way lol

as usual great work my friend
thanks for eagles information

That was a good game! I look forward to your upcoming insights and humor this week. Missed you!

wonderful, Congrats to you Tom Brady and your Team for winning the Eagles in Super Bowl 52. There will be more great winnings coming.

Wow.... it’s a great post.... and congrats to Eagles.... your video is very nice... thanks for sharing...

Happy to see the Eagles win a Super Bowl. As a die hard Detroit Lions fan, I really hope I get to experience a similar day sometime in my life, even if I have to wait 40 more years for it.

Your teams win is coming Bro, I feel it. I'm just so glad we finally broke through. I never thought I'd live to see the day my Eagles won the Super Bowl.

The game was absolutely fantastic!!! Only thing could have made it better would have been having the Broncos in it!!!! I wish every super bowl was this entertaining.
@broncnutz where do you rank it?

Here’s hoping the carnage in Philly isn’t to bad!!

I don't even like NFL football, but I always watch parts of the SuperBowl, I'm from Honduras I don't even understand the game. I was rooting for the Eagles because that is the only team that I know of that has had a Honduran player on its roster. In spite of not understanding the game I was nervous during the last two minutes.

I didn't know that. I wonder who the player is? Well, now he has a Super Bowl ring! :)

I think he was a champion a long time ago, he is in the Hall of fame he played in the 1940's his name was Steve van Buren.

I watch your video...
Excellent game ,just amazing.. @broncnutz

i am very excited to your are the best

very nice video..
upvoted done

was a really good game actually I enjoyed every bit of it and kept you on edge wondering who was going to win.

Master steemit mr

Congratulations to the winners, I only saw a few minutes of play, I don't understand it very much.

İt is wonderful. You are awesome @broncnutz

I definitely agree this was an awesome game and well deserved by the Eagles. Although, I am a Cowboys fan I felt that the Eagles fought hard and ultimately were the better team. Glad the Patriots lost I cannot stand how Brady has such poor sportsmanship and refuses to shake the hand of the opposing quarterback after a loss.

Side note: Do you think the Broncos will possibly trade the Eagle for Nick Foles or Eli Manning?

Congratulations. Great game Eagles!

I love your post and post you very good friend thanks for sharing interesting things

Congratulations eagles .. Really awesome Game

Knew it was only a matter of time before we heard from you about the superbowl! It was a great game for sure. I was expecting a comeback drive from Brady but Eagles took care of that.

Fantastic game @broncnutz

Oh, heads up, and no disrespect, your "patriots" tag on the post is misspelled. Hope that helps. Keep up the good work.

yeah its so cool and big win ...@congratulations eagles for this great win
and best wishes for thier next challenge

Really awesome Game @broncnutz

thanks for say about football topic... i think you sharing a great post... best of luck...

Yes it takes a hard struggle to get the victory hopefully get what it wants

The Eagles have landed.

Fantastic post..thanks for your great information @broncnutz

Yeah...Finally Philadelphia Eagles were win superbowl52.

Amazing skills and talent showing them to Patriots.

Congrats Eagles fro me. Excellent video presentation @broncnutz.

Congratulations eagles ...

great video well done philadelphia, pity some nutters spoilt it a little with the damage

thats great and they perform well and my favourit philadelphia eagles and i am happy
my predict was 24/17 for pt but i was wrong and they gain it


I love football and i wish it will be available in my country soon, terrific video i support u and philadelphia eagles, well done

I don't know this sport but congrats :) I'm happy for you! all the best.

Glorious conversation by you @broncnutz...
Absolutely Philadelphia Eagles won the superbowl52. Amazing...
Well done Eagles and congratulations to team.


It was a great game, a lot of action and a lot of offensive game, congratulations to the champion.

Great game, awesome commercials, solid halftime show! What an awesome day! Great game and hats off to the eagles! #flyeaglesfly

Yes congratulations to the Eagles but the fans didn't have to riot and ruin shit. If that's how Philly parties.... I'd hate to see them pissed off! Holy Shit! Half time show was boss though, great tribute to a legend. The lights were so awesome MN great job hosting the Super Bowl.

I am delighted with this victory took part, the cohesiveness of the team and the cooperation is very important in the game.
thanks @broncnutz for this video

a fun game with friends

thanks for let us knowing.

nice game and i ihope you will be again and again...thanks for sharing

well i cannot watch this but good to hear from you @broncnutz
many @congrats to eagles

Buen articulo y tienes un punto de vista bastante amplio con respecto al juego, llegue a pensar que esta utulizando Dtube. Saludos

I am enchanted with this triumph partook, the cohesiveness of the group and the participation is critical in the diversion.

much appreciated @broncnutz for this video

We don't get American football here in Singapore.
But I bet it is exciting.. when I was a kid, I read some comics about football, so I do know the scoring rules!.. just didnt get to watch a real match before.

I'm caught up with seeing the sea of red with the stock markets (US and Asia)... as well as the sea of red with crypto - Bitcoin fell below $6000 at some point... Ethereum broke $600 etc...

Hehe... you deserved it mate..... that is for sure.... you have played and out smart him...... Now just enjoy the victory and celebrate it.... like a champion.....

that was a good game to watch perfect for sports lovers :)

Quite an amazing superbowl it was fantastic to see you video after this hope you had a great time too :)

i was thinking that i didn't saw any vlog from you today now i know the reason you were enjoying :)

eagles were way ahead in the game good analysis of the game :)

awesome super bowl and entertaining as you said bro i enjoyed it too

You are the best sports fan i have ever seen in my life you enjoy the game more than anything else : )

Hey friends, I follow you and upvote 100% .. please mutually Upvote and Comment the Post. Help me grow in the world 🙏🙏🙏🙏

excellent the contribution you make to the community with this post, every day you learn new things, thanks for posting

it was my first superbowl i enjoyed it really

overall it was really a good game on the other side only a bit of low notes :)

Eagles nailed it with their game work and team effort ..

not even from the states but I did watch the game, I always go for the underdogs. Congrats Eagles! Following you now, hope to hear from you as well.

well deserved wins quite exciting and a big win too

congrat brother

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