The SuperAUD ITO has evolved! ITO Protocol v3.0 Interface integrated into the SuperAUD Project ITO.

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Join the SuperAUD Project's Incentivised Token Offering (ITO):

Latest blog post from the SuperAUD Project Blog:
"Greetings Supporters!

The ITO Network and SuperAUD teams have been hard at work to integrate the latest Incentivised Token Offering experience for SuperAUD Project supporters after going into maintenance from June 28 to integrate the ITO Protocol v3.0 interface. As of July 7, we were pleased to announce that the SuperAUD Project ITO continued crowdfunding with the new interface. So far we have received very positive feedback from participants which is fantastic!

We are currently working on integrating the international language support for the ITO, and are expecting to complete this final part of the integration during the week. We will also continue to cooperate with the ITO Network to establish the SuperAUD Project's bitcointalk announcement, airdrop & bounty campaigns to extend the reach of the ITO.

If you need assistance at any time, we welcome you to talk to our team using the Team Chat (live support) found in the bottom right corner of the platform.

Thank you for supporting the ITO Network and SuperAUD Project in the endeavour to improve the decentralised finance (#DeFi) economy."

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