Super 8 Ball Club account verification application

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Hello all..
Today I met an old friend in an Allepo cafee. I was happy because I heard from friends that the Super8ball registration was opened for new users blocking.

so I want to try to make this post specifically to verify my super8ball account, hopefully it can be accepted by @princewahaj or @ super8ballclub, and hopefully one of those who has the authority in blocking this game to accept new users like me tracking @zein.

I hope that this time my account can be validated or accepted because playing super 8ball games is very fun. Long time I want a game like this, especially getting money or coins that can make me active in the world of steem and blockchain

My Steemit account @zeinmalik
My @zein super 8ball account

The following are my photos that are intended to be validated:
Verification Play and Generate Steem (Super 8 Ball Club) and Wait for Super 8 Ball Verification.

Hopefully that is acceptable, thank you ...

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Hi @zeinmalik

Your account is now verified. Please click on "Switch Account" and repeat the login process again.

You can join us on discord to be able to quickly find your opponents and play with each other. We will be sharing quick updates on our discord channel as well.

Here's an invitation link for you:

Thank you!

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