Super 8 Ball is an Android Game Base on Steem Blockchain

in super8ballclub •  last year  (edited)

Hy dear steemian,,,

Good news about new android game on steem blockchain..

Today i read a trending post then i find something new about game base on steem blockchain, i think this game make me interested, i read from the post, some user used Nox player/Bluestack to run this game,,,

I installed Nox player on my laptop, i think this is a good opportunity to try this game, @super8ballclub is a game base on android system, im using iphone (iOS), so i will try this game on my Nox player, 

I use same name in @super8ballclub and steemit, my tracking name is also my steemit username, it is jamhuery.

Thanks to @princehawaj

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Hi @jamhuery

Your account is now verified. Please click on "Switch Account" and repeat the login process again.

You can join us on discord to be able to quickly find your opponents and play with each other. We will be sharing quick updates on our discord channel as well.

Here's an invitation link for you:

Thank you!


thanks @princewahaj, i will check it out now

@jamhuery you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!