Super-conducting for near zero-loss electricity transfer (idea)

in super-grid •  last year

We should have an energy exchange, where big or small companies all over the US can connect, selling and buying electricity. That way those needing more electricity in a crunch can pay for it and get it efficiently. This could really help green energy, such as solar and wind.

So the idea is to have a large energy 'pipeline' that spans the US laterally, with 10 or 12 shoots going up and down in key places. The point of this mega wire would be to send electricity with very little loss. Of course to get to this super grid would be normally inefficient.

How do we do this? A superconducting refrigerated wire. Basically once you're in its like a big pond anyone can pour into or drink from. Everyone can keep (take or put) their power there. It might use AI to determine how efficient it is to refrigerate or just do normal high voltage transfer.

Might not be realistic currently, but maybe a cool idea.

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might as well do some serious internet and servers along these lines, maybe transportation, other pipelines