Superior Coin Just Listed on Coin Market Cap

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Superior Coin has just been listed on Coin Market Cap. What incredible news for the Superior Coin Community.

CMC Listing Pic.PNG

Shortly after the listing the price started to spike on btc-alpha. In one hr the US Dollar amount traded in the last 24 hrs went from 80K to 686k.


You can get SUP on the following exchanges.

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Great day has come for SUP! The price is kicking now like crazy buddy. 😊😊😊😊


check out AppCoins!


What goes up must come down




yes just like every other pump and dump crap coin


Hold Hold Hold. :)





Thanks for the heads up! I'll have to look into Superior Coin!


You're welcome. Wish you much success with your crypto investments.

I know right my thoughts never failed :)
Lets rock and go to the moon Gold is ours 😊😊
God bless all

We are soaring higher!
SUP to the moon!

I've been waiting for this!


Hard work paying off.

This is really amazing news. Glad to see another project take off and gain some momentum.

sup coin all the way. sup coin to the moon.


nice post

wow..its reamly much helpfull
thanks.. !!

It got to list on major exchange like binance, etc for the real surge in price. With BTC price going down again, it's just matter of time before all alt coins start correcting 10x 20x.


I agree. It needs to list on a major exchange. Hopefully that will happen soon.

Thats great will have to do more research on this coin

This coin just listed and gain a good trading stats, hope this will gone to moon. Congrats to all coins holders. Follow me to help acheiving 1000+ followers. @abdulemarketer

lets gooooooo! I'm super excited about this! DISCLOSURE: I am project manager for superior coin


Time to roll! :)

great news happy to be in. 😇


Me too! I'm excited to be holding.

I Earned 245$ by SUP. HURRAH!

there is also a share on my page. maybe you like🙄


Hey, I'd be glad to like it. Is that on your steemit? Can you post a link here? Thanks.


Hey thanks. Liked your article. You should share an Amazon link there too.


Yes, you are right. thank you😊

am happy to see this wonderful information, thanks for letting us to know. am so so exited


You're welcome! It was very exciting to watch this unfold!

Bumper way to start a new day with news like this, thanks @traylorjonathan

Thanks for updating us. Good stuff there #steemit


finnaly i been waiting for this one ..yewww🤗🤗🤗


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Glad i'm in!!!

Just started doing tasks in @kryptonia. It was great so far. I'm glad it's getting higher. SUP to the moon! 😁

Nice 1!. Thanks for sharing.

Tnx for shearing. i like your all post.your all post is really good.i know you also good.i like your all post and i like you.thanks


You're welcome Dishamoni. Glad to hear from you.

When will get on Bittrex or Biance? Now is a good time to get in and HODL.
I just cant wait for altcoins to soar along with BTC as they have been little or no soaring after the BTC drop below $6000.


Hey Joetunex, I don't know when SUP will be listed on a bigger exchange but I'm watching and waiting. Thanks for your comment.


you are welcome @traylorjonathan and thanks for your response


Great news indeed.

I saw it before your post, but finally you have posted while I was writing mine ^^'
Anyway, it's a awesome day for Superiorcoin !


Yes indeed! :)

I will keep my eyes on it

I will try to look into this coin:)

I have been holding since ico..hopefully we go to the moon.

thank you for sharing


You're welcome. :)

Wow amazing guys and gals! I can't believe it's actually happening!

this is the beggining of sup journey to the moon..can't wait for this to boom..😊😊😊 upvoted and resteemed.


Thanks triggerlove2009. Appreciate that.

What a great news

WOW!! Thanks for giving good news. I am so excited for sup.

Hurrayy!!!!! Go high aim high SUP


Time to hold. :)

Excellent article @traylorjonathan.

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nice very good information

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OK bro!

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this news is what im waiting the 🌙

Very nice post..

Hola soy nueva en esta gran comunidad, espero tener su apoyo, como dice el un dicho: El que se arriesga no pierde nada y el que NO se arriesga no gana... Éxito


Thanks. I wish you much success also. Great to hear from you.

Plan on retiring with my 948 SUP



This is some awesome news. Thanks for posting @traylorjonathan


Welcome. Glad to be in this one.

Heck yeah. Look, i tried already and trust me when i say it will be way harder to try to build a time machine and go back to buy any coin while its low. Get it now amd save a timeline (somebody might want it bad enough to get that time machine working and like split the universe in half or something) trust me, im an electrician, totally possible


That's awesome. I've always been interested in time travel. We should have some conversations about this. You should add me on fb. I'm following you here.


Sure pal, throw me a link so i can find you on fb.


Follow me bro. I will like you too

That's great news, thanks for letting us know.

Go higher superior coin.


Wow thank you for the information

Very brilliant! Thanks for keeping us posted.

keep up the great work

ive got 948 im rich


Are you mining?

This is great news

SUP to the moon! we are pushing it further!


That's right. We're in for the long haul.

Great update! congrats SUp team...lets bring superiorcoin to the 🌙.


Team work is powerful.

Just wow😃😃😃


That's the same thing I thought. :)

interesting idea!

Can you really get it on kryptopian? I signed up but it said for test/experimental only.


If you hold coins there you get rewards for holding there. Also you can earn coins there by filling tasks.

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lol 30 sbd promo and literally no information about the coin and why one would invest in it.


Pretty nice i think

Superior coin is going to fly like Superman.

Thanks for the info! This is good news!

thanks for the helpful post bro...hold...hold...hold sup coin

Nice guy!

Awesome!! I was away from the computer for a few days and just casually logged back on and saw the news about SUP on @sydesjokes blog. Looks like I'll continue to promote SUP and Kryptonia. Congrats guys!!


What a great news to come back to. :)

This is awesome!! Hopefully we'll be seeing more of superior coin around now that it has reached more exchanges and is on coinmarketcap!

Wow great news. i have been waiting for this.