SUP Surfers get happy in Praia Parade & Costa da Caparica

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SUP & MUSIC! Roadtrip No.3 - From Hamburg to Lisbon 2019

I love SUP surfing in waves so much. It is always important as a SUP surfer to find the right spot that you don't have trouble with locals or to find a slot where you can paddle out to the peak. With the SUP you can't dive through the waves so you have to check out the spot a little specific :-)

Around Lisbon I had several day with perfect conditions in two spots!
The first spot: Parede...closed to Oeiras. Its just 20 minutes from Lisbon
Easy beach...just be careful with the rocks on the beach break if the tide is coming up massiv. outside you have mostly 3 to 4 perfect peaks to is a main SUP spot...very less surfers and the locals are very friendly . on the beach you can park direct on the marginal street and watch out the szene.What a view!

The Second spot is Costa da Caparica
Just drive over the famous bridge from Lisbon to the wide, wide,super wide sandy beach. you will find your place!
Moles separate the beach in north, more south you have beautiful beach breaks and bays for your own.
The perfect place in winter also for lovers who need some privacy:-)))
Enjoy Portugal! Life is good!

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