Sun Thursday - Laos at the Edge of The Mighty Mekong River!

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The Sun Always Shines On The Mekong River, as it is ‘The Mother of All Rivers’.

Standing in Laos it is easy to enjoy another fine SunThursday. The sun and clouds are in a constant state of flux in this tropical Southeast Asian country. Vientiane, the capital city is situated on the bank of the Mekong River and across the way you can see Nong Khai, Thailand.

The promenade is often times full of people walking, exercising and socializing at various times of the day, especially when the sun isn’t in full effect. So there is a lot of quiet open space to enjoy if you can brave the heat, sun & humidity!

You will see a market start to be setup in the afternoon hours, and it goes into the evening. A great place to browse around and buy some small souvenirs or a tasty Laotian snack treat.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Laotian spin to the Sun Thursday initiative!

Who’s Been to Laos Before?

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Thanks for appreciating them @philosophy-trail! Laos is a beautiful country, well worth a visit in my opinion, I intend to return at some point and explore some more.

Qué buenas fotografías gracias por compartir las con todos nosotros

Thanks for the nice comment @rogeer. I'm happy you like the photos :)

Beautiful scenery at the Mekong River in Laos and it's nice to see Nong Khai, Thailand from there! ;)

It's a lovely area and plenty of things to see & do as well.

That's great! ;)

I'm sure you would enjoy it there @tangmo :)

Ahh the Might Mekong! Beautiful! Once we have found a new motorbike we are off to Laos.. can't wait never been there!

It is a great place and lovely people, I really enjoyed the couple of times going there. I've only been to Vientiane, but a lot of people have gone inland further on tours etc. and said it was very nice.

We are going to start with the Mekong delta and the 1000 or is it 4000 islands, can't remember! Looking forward to that trip... but first finding a better travel worthy bike... honda wave is too small for long travel!

That sounds epic Amy, good luck getting a more worthy motorbike to tour on, that's a necessary item for such a trek.

And I hope we can see the journey once its underway too, a rolling SEA travel blog :)

We sure will keep everybody updated!

Awesome to hear and to see too :)

Never been there, traveling to South Korea this summer, would like to visit SE Asia as well! Went to school for Asian/Asian-American Studies, so this is very interesting!

Laos is such an overlooked jewel. You will enjoy Asia, it's such an intriguing part of this world. SE Asia will defy your known logic and at the same time it will help everything make complete sense. It can only be understood once experienced. Thanks for the comment @kemosabe.

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