SunThursday - Here fishy, fishy, fishy!!

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It was a sunny morning on the end of summer
We were on a traditional boat - Varino Pestarola for a touristic visit along Coina river and reaching to Tejo river.

The boat was beautiful indeed!!

As well as the view as soon as we started sailing
These were three old windmills that were recovered by the municipality.

Looking at the water it was possible to see it shining like silver
Do you also see a miniature of the sun being reflected!?

Well, the funniest part was about to start, because on the other side of the boat we could see some fish jumping on the water!!


After seeing the jumping fish I remember the Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie Fish Call episode, one of the remarkable ones!!

I heard someone calling "Hey fishy, fishy, fishy", at least it sounded in my head!

Soon a fish jumped inside the boat!!



After a very brief photograph session, it was delivered to water again, and we kept our journey through the river.

We finally approached the Tejo river and saw the 25th April bridge (and Christ the King statue overlooking the city of Lisbon.

On this photo, it's possible to distinguish the Commerce Square (on the middle) and the National Pantheon, on the right.

Well, this #SunThursday ended up to be about a boat trip fun experience under a September day sun :)

This is my submission to #Sunthursday initiated by @uwelang and now led by @lizanomadsoul, which might be having a sunbath somewhere in Thailand, and making me a bit jealous while I am using my warmest socks in this cold, although sunny day in Portugal :)

Have a great and productive day!!

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It looks really a wonderful day! That boat looks so beautiful, perfect trip for a sunny day ❤️

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The boat is really beatiful, but I failed to capture it all because I avoid to photograph people....that's the problem. 🤔

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Obrigado por fazeres parte da comunidade @steemitportugal .


Esses moinhos são no Barreiro ;)

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Boa, já não me lembrava, só sei que o barco é da câmara do barreiro :) conheço mal a margem sul, muito mal mesmo!

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Estão junto a uma prainha que existe ali

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That was a wonderful day you had on the river :-)


It was just a quick trip during the morning, and its was great!! :)

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