SunThursday / sunset in the bay

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Hello friends of steemit. there are many people that like me always wait for the magic hour of the day and with the only reason to capture a beautiful and unique view since each sunset is unmatched which makes us fulfill our expectation and that always dazzles us with its magnificent colors, without doubt any observe sunsets account as one of the best pleasures of life which is enjoyed to the maximum either with a good company or simply in silence

This is my entry today to #SunThursday hosted by @uwelang and supported by @lizanomadsoul.

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Sunset is paying and worshiping that evening at the bay, the bay and sunset both are witnessing their presence and their survival. What a gesture each one is having to the other. Is not that philosophical.


What a gracious friend, you are right

Congrats you made it to the top10 this week :)