Cyprus in Better Times

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Cyprus is at its best in April and September and who would have thought that we would go from this:

photo_20200412 16.49.13.jpeg

photo_20200412 16.49.30.jpeg

photo_20200412 16.50.23.jpeg

photo_20200412 16.48.51.jpeg

in the best month to a lockdown in April and who knows for how much longer.

Now we need to send an SMS and get an approval to be let out of our homes and carry our passports with us.

Being Easter weekend and taking advantage of the weather, Katia (my wife since February) and I decided to have a short walk. We are only allowed 900m from where we live. We were stopped by police on our way out and on our way back home again and asked to keep social distance. The policeman asked us not to hold hands - really?

photo_20200412 16.59.02.jpeg
With Katia before the lockdown

Looking forward to spending some leisure time at the beach before summer ends. The winter seemed long and cold.

photo_2020-04-12 18.55.55.jpeg
With the family at the local Taverna

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