Sunset Sunday - 9/9/18

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I'm really not doing to well with this blogging thing, missed another one last week (and also my #MeatyMondays & #WysJouVleis last week). I wish I had a good reason, but the truth is that I was out partying too much... OK, and a bit of work in between.


Yeah, Yeah... I know that calling what I do work is a bit of a stretch... but it's what I do :P
On Sunday it was Park Acoustics... and if you follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc., then you'll know that Park Acoustics is a monthly 1-day music festival, and I have a food stand set up there to feed all the hungry festival-goers.

Footlong Cheesegriller, Homemade Jack Daniel's Sauce and topped with crushed Pringles for the crunch... YUMMY!
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I had originally planned to do the first ever STEEM for Real-World Food sale in Pretoria on Sunday, but unfortunately the only other Pretoria Steemian that I know is @CraigCryptoKing ... and he couldn't make it... :-( We'll just have to try again at the next one ;-)

Steem for Food?

I'm REALLY loving Steem as a platform for blogging... despite not being a regular poster. At least I post here more than I do on my own blog :P

Anyway... loving the platform, and I hope to get a shit-ton more Pretoria folk signed up (The majority of Steemians seem to be from Cape Town, and well... we can't let them win)... Gonna offer free workshops, walk people through an instant sign-up and sharing some tips, sign them up with some cool programmes that I've come across etc.

Once signed up, these new Steemians will be able to attend my events and pay for food using STEEM... and if they do so, the price when converted back to Rands will be way cheaper.

Well, that's the plan anyway... If you have any friends in the Pretoria area that you think would like to get involved... then please hit me up on discord @BraaiBoy#4913

Show Me Your Banana

The after-party carried on for some time... 2 days more in fact... but I eventually did make it back, and then it was time to do some filming. My good friends and sponsors, Chad-O-Chef - , wanted us to give away some braais... so we shot a little promo video for that as well as another episode where we judge the difference in taste between steaks braaied on charcoal, wood & gas.

The #BananaForScale comp will be going live tomorrow, but in the meantime mentally prep yourself to "SHOW ME YOUR BANANA" ;-)

Where's the Sunset?

Well... It's still mid-morning while I'm writing this, so this week's sunset comes to you courtesy of my good mate and BraaiBoy TV cameraman: Donsie Herbst.

Lekker! Wishing you all an awesome week.

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We all still appreciate you!!


ahhhhh... thanks!

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That's one brilliant hot dog. Want.


It really is... sells out EVERY TIME I have it on the menu.


Pretoria has a wee bit to go to catch up with Cpt ;)


That we do... but... "Watch This Space"... THE CAPITAL WILL RISE!!!

Muwahahahaaha ;-)

the food looks super yummy 😋🌭 enjoy and have a great day!


Thanks for popping in, and thanks for the compliment.
May you have a fantastic day too ;-)

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With the cold air blowing throughout the country yummy hot snacks must have gone down well @braaiboy


That is for sure!

@braaiboy carry on like this and we will import you into Cape Town brother, braais n all. I am now almost a Cape Tonion, and the real ones like @therneau and others here will laugh as we are only here for about two and something months, but already the people here in the valley know me as the mad Englishman from Jo'burg. Blessings!


we will import you into Cape Town brother

hmmm... I'm fiercely loyal to SnorCity... It could get interesting :P

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I like the Pringles crunch factor @braaiboy, good luck with your Pretoria campaign!

You actually know 2 Pretoria steemians, I am also from Pretoria!!
My brother @marcel1965 is also from Pretoria, but he is not very active, then there is @jacor, who is quite big, and a few more!! JHB also have quite a few people!!


Well... that settles it then... you're joining @CraigCryptoKing and I at the next "SteemUp" (i.e. Beers at either Rocket@88 or at Thirst) :-)


That sounds great, lets go to Thirst - I have not been there yet!! If you need to get hold of me, my phone number is 0834538807.


Sold! It's a great place... and not JUST because they stock BraaiBoy Beer (aka 'Braaibery') ;-)

Hear that @craigcryptoking? Drinks at Thirst ... soon (I leave on a 2 week roadtrip next week Thursday).