Sunset contest in St Andrews Scotland #sunsetcontest

in sunsetcontest •  last year

Here are my entries to @juliank sunrise/sunset competition. As you will more than likely be aware by now St Andrews is one of my favourite places on the planet. So what better place to submit as part of this photography competition.

Both pictures were taken using my Nikon D40X.

Sunset over The Old Course


Sunset over The Cathedral Ruins


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These are some awesome photos @munchell. Each picture attracted my eyes for different reason. The first one was the color scheme long with the landscaping while the second one was the beauty of the sun set itself.



@slickhustler007 that is very kind of you to say. It definitely is a beautiful location, not sure my photos do it enough justice.


They were perfect for my eyes brother. Thanks.


I am really grateful for your lovely comments.

Omg that first one :O


Thank you @juliank that means a lot coming from you.