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RE: 🌄 The sunset, that you see once or twice in a lifetime 😍

in #sunset6 years ago

Wow Tomaz, always blowing my mind with your work. I totally agree about cameras like this, I have got some awesome sunsets and sunrises with my iPhones. Love to you and Tina ❤️🦋🌈🌴💛🍀


@sallybeth23 Thanks for all the support 🤗 I appreciate it ❤️ Thanks for the positive vibes ✌️ We need them 🍀 I appreciate it ❤️
We can't catch a break 😤

Oh my god!!! I am so sorry to see this!!!
Can I send Tina some CBD Oil? I know someone selling it online.

Yes, this was surprise for all of us today. We started eating healthy, be more physically active. @tinabrezpike started meditating and using a small amount of cbd. (I’m a long time user)
I hope, this was just a faze of healing of the body.... (Maybe it was to low of a dose of CBD)...
For sure 🤗 We are open for all the help we get...
Here is her email, she will be so happy to hear from you 🤗
[email protected]
Or Discord

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