The 7 Days STEEMIT SUNSET PHOTO CONTEST By @flamingirl Entry 6

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This post is an introductory post on the sixth day for challenge @ flamingirl

To enjoy the sunset or sunset, which is often done is to go kepantai. Because many who think that how to enjoy the best sunset is to go to the beach and wait for the sun set in the western horizon. But, it's way too mainstream done. And also less effective for those of us who live not in the coastal area.

For those of us who live in the mountains, the beach is a rare place that can be considered very far from where we live. To get to the beach too, should be fully prepared with mature. Well, arguably the beach is a rare and luxurious place for those of us who live in the mountains.

for those of us who live in the mountain area does not mean can not enjoy the sun sinking with beautiful lho. We can get the amazing scenery in the rice fields.
no less beautiful with the beach, if we see the sunset on the beach, it will look as if the sun lost in the sea. If in the rice field, we will see the sun as if lost hidden behind the mountains.

New rice fields are plowed and watered, if exposed to the sun in the afternoon sun. The bus looks very beautiful, especially if exposed to a breeze that causes water to ripple and bring up small waves, looks very amazing.

Landscape like this, can be a very cheap entertainment in the afternoon. No need to go far to the beach to just hunt for sunset or sunset. Just to calm the mind and refresh the brain we can get it dipematang ngendrosari rice field with green rice scenery, dashing towering mountain chasm, soft breeze blowing, and warm afternoon sun that will return home to the western horizon.

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salem kenal bg, dari rakan dilhoksukon, kebetulan baru pemula di steemit, mohon bimbingan dari droneh,