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Hello to all photography lovers!

This contest is OVER! I would like to thank all the participants of this contest because the level was excellent!
The contest is now finished and I received more than 200 ENTRIES for this first [CONTEST- 50 SBD] / 7 DAYS 🌅 BEST SUNSET PHOTO CONTEST! 🌅! it's amazing but really hard to make a choice every day between all these entries... ^^

Here is the winner of this Day 7 who will be selected for the final and also the 9 other participants whose work was very very good! I voted for all your blogs and I invite you to wait for the result of this competition.

I will take the time to think carefully and study all this ... I will post a blog with the 7 best entries of the week and you can vote to help me choose! =) Theis contest was hard because I repeat, the quality of your photos exceeds my expectations! I think that it will not be the last contest of this kind that I will organize for the Steemit community ... :D.

THE WINNER OF THE DAY IS: @itchyfeetdonica

The Venice Beach I'm going to show here is not in Venice of Italy, but one of many great beaches in Los Angeles, USA. So are you also wondering what the connection is with the Italian city?

The tobacco millionaire Abbot Kinney founded this seaside resort town in 1905, in the vision of building a “pleasure pier” in California that boasted Venetian architecture of Italy. It was originally called the “Venice of America”, in the hope that visitors could ride gondolas to tour the water town just like in Venice of Europe.

Later in 1926, Venice merged with Los Angeles, but the area kept its bohemian vibe and is known as a cultural hub today. I found it a lively and peculiar place full of strange charm. People come here for attractions like Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Recreation Center, the Venice Canals, and of course the beach.

I heard it can get packed during hot summer time, since it's very popular among tourists as well as locals. While I visited it on a cool spring day, there's no crowds at the beach. From late afternoon till dark, I walked the long Boardwalk to reach the famous Santa Monica Pier. I was lucky to witness the color changes of the sky along my way.


2: @rikilhok

This post is an introductory post on the sixth day for challenge @ flamingirl
To enjoy the sunset or sunset, which is often done is to go kepantai. Because many who think that how to enjoy the best sunset is to go to the beach and wait for the sun set in the western horizon. But, it's way too mainstream done. And also less effective for those of us who live not in the coastal area.

For those of us who live in the mountains, the beach is a rare place that can be considered very far from where we live. To get to the beach too, should be fully prepared with mature. Well, arguably the beach is a rare and luxurious place for those of us who live in the mountains.

for those of us who live in the mountain area does not mean can not enjoy the sun sinking with beautiful lho. We can get the amazing scenery in the rice fields.
no less beautiful with the beach, if we see the sunset on the beach, it will look as if the sun lost in the sea. If in the rice field, we will see the sun as if lost hidden behind the mountains.

New rice fields are plowed and watered, if exposed to the sun in the afternoon sun. The bus looks very beautiful, especially if exposed to a breeze that causes water to ripple and bring up small waves, looks very amazing.

3: @shady

For me, the dream is a house from which you can see the sunset. The sunset is calm, it's a feeling of the end of the day when you can spend time with your family after work. It's good to watch the sunset in the mountains or on the seafront, or among the grasslands and fields. This photo is taken near the house (Ukraine) during a family walk.

4: @davedavis91

Saxon Switzerland.

Waking up in the middle of the night, get to the desired location and set up your gear can be quite a motivation. Especially when your are on your own. However rewarding the the natural phenomenons, it always takes some effort to actually move your a** and do it. Luckily I found some guys on Instagram who were interested in doing the exact same thing. Landscape photography before and after sunrise. Using these exceptional natural lightings that turn the picture into something beautiful. One late afternoon, we hiked up to this very spot on a beautiful summer day, set up the tripods and shot as the sun came down:

Shot with my Nikon D5300, And SigmaArt 50-100mm f1.8 and 18-35 f.18

@flamingirl thanks for hosting this contest!!!

5: @jumartphoto

Hi there,

Traveling photography is my passion, I extremely love the moments of sunrise and sunset because of the beauty of colors, contrast...
This sunset moment I took in Dong Thap province, Vietnam in my phototrip last year.

Camera Canon 6D
Lens Tamron 17-35mm
Focal 17mm

6: @emotionalsea

Hello friends;
I share a photograph of a sunset I took with you again for the contest organized by @flamingirl.
I hope you like.
I wish you a good day 🤗💐💐💐

7: @marconah

photo taken by @marconah

Not felt, 6 days already passed #sunset-contest by @flamingirl. This is the last day I participated in this activity, I will wait for the next contest 😂.

Well, in this post I show the beauty of nature in the afternoon, well, this is the atmosphere of the sky at sunset seen in the village of Ubiet Paya Itek, North Aceh. The village is located on Jl.Line Pipa, Mns Me, Meurah Mulia, North Aceh District.

The beauty of the sky like this is very rare I find, even this for the first time I see the beauty at sunset, this photo I show is an old photo. Photo taken at 18:56 pm, on 2 August 2017.

At that moment, I saw the sky uncharacteristically, really amazing. I photographed this scene on the edge of a rice field not far from where I live. Some coconut palms are seen standing in the middle of the rice fields, black shadows are seen below, some mixed colors make it look very beautiful.

8: @axeman

Stunningly colourful and pretty contrasting sunset at Baltic Sea, nearby Klaipeda, Lithuania. June summer warm colors, but still pretty windy with a long waves.
A bit of long exposure used to freeze the water. And of course nice structural piece of wood as perfect foreground.

Enjoy the scenery!

9: @mhm-philippines

My entry for the 7 DAYS STEEMIT SUNSET PHOTO CONTEST by @flamingirl
This shot was taken on the island of Mindanao Philippines. The area or region called Misamis Occidental. I frequently go ride my motorcycle into the mountains in the early morning or late evenings as the cloud formations here are incredible for the golden hour. Each and every day produces unique photo opportunities. This photo was taken in Iligan Bay? My camera at this time is my IPad Pro.

10: @hardick-steem

This post is the last introduction to the challenge @flamingirl
In this post you can see aceh fishermen community is laying boat on the shore, they have just returned from the sea. and by that time, the day was getting late. and at the same time the sunset looks very beautiful. I can capture that beauty. and I put the photo as a challenge @flamingirl

Congratulations @ and Thank you so much to all participants!!!

See you soon for the FINAL of the BEST SUNSET PHOTO CONTEST!

If you liked this contest, don't hesitate to FOLLOW ME, UPVOTE and RESTEEM this article =)! Thank you for your support my Steemians friends!

"Dream Big"!
Flamingirl, with love <3

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Wow, what a surprise! Merci beaucoup @flamingirl! I feel so honored to be among all these amazing photographers. Here's a lovely flamingo as a little gift for you, haha... :D I took this photo in Bolivia:

OMG !!! I LOVE IT!!! YOU PICTURE IS PERFECT!!! Can I use it for my steemit banner/home page ?
I have to go to Bolivia!!! Looks like AMAZING 😍😍😍. Thanks for sharing my dear friend! ❤


Sure you can! Feel free to use it. Are you on discord? If you want I can also send you the original one of higher resolution. And I have much more photos of flamingos - love these birds! :D

Congratulations to the winners, it is perfect if you choose a winner who can point to the original content, not just a good picture.:-)

Thank you very much! Now I have to choose the big winner and it's not easy ... =)

Congrats the winner! Tks for your amazing contest, I really love sunset moments too :)

Thanks for your participation and see you soon for the FINAL !! =D

Hihi Yep, thanks a lot!
Hope to be one of the winner! :D

8: @axeman : The clouds are on fire.

Wow! Great shot :)


Congratulations to winners!! These photos will make anyone interested in seeing sunset!!

Thanks for him =D Stay tuned for the FINAL!!!!

Sure thing!!

All picture are awsome locking.

Congratulations to the winners. Thanks for your amazing sunset contest.

Thanks for them =D

WOW @flamingirl these are extraordinary. Hard to choose a winner, I really hope they are originals too 😉

Thanks to the new stricter rules it's easier than for the last contest =) But the level remains high so I'm going to take my time and sound the opinion of the Steemians before choosing the big winner =)

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Increiblemente bonito!
Thanks for these photography masterpieces, I loved browsing through this post and fade away for a moment :-)

No matter when one decides to visit your blog, what you get here is always an amazing content quality, thanks for that. Love your doings!! :-(

Thank you sooooooo much @surfermarly for this nice comment! <3 I love to organize this kind of competition and if you want to participate as a jury next time, let me know, it could be fun ;-)

That'd be great! :-)

Very beautiful Photography congratulations cro I love her for so much beauty in that place