Sunday Scent Experience - Unknown flowers

Hi, Steemit!!!

  Today is #SundayScentExperience !!!! During our last rest on the Dead Sea, when we walked to the beach I felt a strong smell of some flowers. Here they are!



  The smell of these flowers was felt for a rather long distance. In the afternoon he was already strong. But by evening it was even stronger. The smell was sugary and rather heavy. I would not want to plant these plants under my window :)))



I looked for their name on the internet but could not find it. Do you know what it is?




  In the flower-garden these flowers look very impressive.



Sunday Scent Experience by @dutchess


I know these flowers, I've seen them when I was a kid but have no idea what kind they are.

what a pity! I did not find their names

Have you tried with Google photo finder?

I've heard about it but I do not know how to use it

Just type into Google "how to use Google image identifier" I hope it will show you. If not, let me know and I'll gladly help you 😊

thank you very much, erikah, I'll try

I managed!!!!! Hooray!!!! thank you so much!!!!!!

Happy to help :)

Congratulations! exactly one year ago we came to the Steemit! One day).

правда? а нашлись тут благодаря рукоделию :)

Ага)) только я полгода бросала и заходила время от времени)) вот тут все написано)

Я не видела этот пост. Спасибо, Инна! Они не всех активных упомянули :)

Это какой-то энтузиаст)) просто так наверное пост написал)

все может быть :))) оказывается, мы с вами из активных! :)))

Ага)). Ну мне нравится что-то писать). Я всегда думала, что и два слова связать не умею, но оказалось, что очень даже могу))). Я шила 20 лет! Так устала от этого. что писательство для меня как глоток свежего воздуха)).

а мы с мужем любим фотографировать :) у нас всегда есть свежие фото

This is simply wonderful! I think they are Provence sages! Am I right?

thank you dear!!!! I found your flower in the photo on the Internet. he is very similar, but his leaves are different

It has to family of sage and clairy sage though the leaves are different indeed. Wow! You made me very curious as to the odor of these! The pics are superb, there are so many!

this flower interested me in the sight of its strong flavor

I am.pretty sure its family of sage! There are many species in this family you see. The flowers look a bit like clairy sage

Judith, I think it's Pontederia heart-shaped "Spoon River" (Pontederia cordata). Do you know this plant?

I have seen these waterplants yes. But the leves differ from the ones in your post....?

Yes. but the flowers are very similar. their several kinds. maybe it's some other kind of this plant?

Maybe! But i can tell you that you have got me really curious now

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