Sunday Scent Experience - Fragrance flowering lemons

Hi, Steemit!!!

  Today is #SundayScentExperience !!!! In Israel, now the flowering period of lemon trees. It is not only very beautiful, but also an extraordinary wonderful fragrance. If the tree is nearby, then its aroma extends to a rather large distance.







  I like aromatic lemon oil and now I have the opportunity to enjoy the scent of flowering lemons!

Have a nice Sunday evening !!!


Sunday Scent Experience by @dutchess


Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you!

This is so beautiful. I guess it is also going to be spring on your side.

Yes! you're right! very beautiful!!!

Wow, I have never seen a lemon tree bloom. It has a nice flower. How big is that flower?

flowers are not very large but not small: about 2-3 cm but the fragrance is very strong

Is it like the fruit, or is it different?

lemons are much larger

I meant do the floors smell like the lemon fruit?

aah! hee hee I understood now. fragrance of the flowers of the tree a little different

Thank you :)

You are lucky to be able to enjoy these trees and their flowers.

you're right! I try to remember this always. In Israel there are disadvantages, but there are pluses: for example, flowers and trees

That's the spirit - seeing the goodness amidst all the negativities.

Hi dear Tali. This is one of my absolute favorites. Beautiful post! I hope you will forgive - i have to stop doing the challenge for a is catching up on me and i need to sort some things out. Thank you so much for your great loyalty! Love you for that! We ll meet again!

I wish you to solve everything that bothers you, Judith

Как красиво цветёт! Никогда не встречала их в России. Спасибо, что показала )

а в Сочи нет их? там климат мягкий

может и есть, но я туда езжу летом - уже цветов таких и не встретишь )

It's same here in Philippines, particularly La Trinidad where I live. We have lemons in our yard too and I see them flowering. It's suppose to be summer by this time, however, we still experience the cold season which should have ended last month. I worry that these flowers will not survive.

Ooooh! let's hope that you have a warmer

Too bad I don't. Let's just see what the next days and weeks will bring. I hope rain does not come sooner just like it did a couple of years ago I think. The cold was followed by early rainy season so only a few fruits survived.

Hello Judith,
Oh yes, I love the smell too!
Have a good day

Sorry Tali!!

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