Sunday Scent Experience - Beautiful wisteria

Hi, Steemit!!!

  Today is #SundayScentExperience !!!! Finally, I waited until the wisteria blossomed in Israel. These are tall treelike, curly subtropical plants from the family of Legumes with large brushes of fragrant purple flowers.



  It is an amazingly beautiful plant. It is a whole cascade of beautiful flowers, flowing from the bush.



  I often met wisteria during a holiday in the Crimea and saw in Bulgaria. The aroma of wisteria is a bit peculiar. I would not say that it is easy. The smell is a bit sugary and heavy, but not unpleasant. The name "wisteria" is translated from the Greek language "sweet" :)




And in your country is this beautiful plant?


Sunday Scent Experience by @dutchess


Great picture! I like it :)
You got an upvote, so it would be a nice gesture to follow this account for more upvotes in the future :)

So pretty scenes! They're gorgeous! I've not seen them before - no, we don't have them here... You're most fortunate! 🙂

we have these flowers, but they do not so abundantly blossom as I saw in photographs from other countries

Hi Tali - this is one of my absolute favorite scents! I hope mine will bloom this year - i fear the frost was too much for it.
Great post my dear smelly friend.
I was sick in bed so hence no post and a late reaction! I ll make it up with you guys somewhere this week 😘

Ooooh! Judith! I hope your illness is not very serious. is it the flu? get well soon!!!!!

I dont think so - its a cold

It's so beautiful, I have to resteem it! This flower is new to me!

this is a strikingly beautiful plant

It is indeed!

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