Sunday Scent Experience - The Last Rose

It is so hard to say goodbye to the roses blooming in the garden. I cut the last of the beautiful Peace Roses off my bush this week. The scent of this rose is one of may all time favorites as it takes me back to fond memories of my mothers rose garden, which to me were some very #magicalmoments. This is my #sundayscentexperience for this weeks challenge. Enjoy... can you smell the roses?

Thank you @dutchess for initiating the 'Sunday Scent Experience' to assist us in sharing some of natures beauty with others. So come and join us everyone and let your imagination run wild and enter into the magic of the moment.
Thank you for stopping by my post, I hope you enjoyed it.
Until next time, this is Sunscape...

Sun. Scape. Ing your day

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They are nice. The rose was always the top flower. But I think they need a lot of upkeep to keep them humming.

I agree, but the rose is such a beauty.

Yes Queen of the flower world.

I'm so happy that you have shared these beautiful Peace Roses @sunscape and the magical moments spent in your mother's rose garden.

These roses also remind me of the many magical moments I spent with my own mother in her garden as well. The Peace Rose was her favorite ~ So it's become my favorite now too. Such a divine fragrance and beauty in every way. Resteemed. 🦋

Thank you so much, isn't the Peace Rose the best! Our mothers had good taste, I think it is my all time favorite for sure. Thanks for the resteem.

Pleasure always. Sure is THE best. Will be a double resteem now @sunscape. 🦋

You are the best supportive fan ever! Thank you

Absolutely breathtaking, I can smell her sensational fragrance through the screen.......upv & rsd 🌸💖🌸

Awh thank you Lena, I am so going to miss the gardens flowers. I am already having to cut so many back. Fall is upon us now.

My pleasure Dear @sunscape I know what you mean. Even though I love Autumn I am not looking forward the long winter :(

The beauty of them has struck my eyes. Wonderful silky flakes are like my scarves that I love to wear on my neck. :-))) Up&resteem

Thank you so much Margaret that was sweet of you, I so love the roses.

Thank you very kindly for the upgoat!!!! love it!

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Roses are nice

Dear @sunscape. I must have missed your post last week! So sorry that i cannot upvote it anymore - such a beautiful rose!

Thanks for sharing... Love it.