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A Scent from the Flower Kalachuchi 

Kalachuchi tree is mainly grown in the Philippines as an ornamental plant, with the flowers as it's main attraction.

The flowers are supposed to be the source of the perfume known as "Frangipani." The beautiful petals produce a fragrant smell that can usually fill an entire room or garden.

They are popular in my hometown. Many homeowners proudly plant these trees in front of their yards.

It has a variety of medicinal properties too. Ours grow tall and the beautiful white blooms are hard to see, perhaps they should be pruned to a more bushy shape.

Walking at sidewalk and at seaside in  Abudhabi Kalachuchi trees are in full bloom, the scent was actually nice from afar.

Aside from being up the tree, this flower is also known for it's unique and strong aromatic scents.

I hope you enjoy reading. Have A nice day.

This is my contribution on #sundayscentexperience hosted by @dutchess.

Images we're taken by me through my Smartphone.


Great shots

Thank you.

That's a gorgeous flower, I have never seen one before.

My pleasure 😃

Omg Gade i am sooooo jealous....this plant /tree is really hard to grow here. And i ADORE the scent of frangipani. Takes me right back to india, to the gardens of the beautiful pala es i visited there. Wonderfull post! Thank you for joining!

Thank you. So many here in Abudhabi.

In Israel, too, many such trees with flowers of different colors. I really like them and their scent

Thank you @tali72. Same also in Philippines and in the morning everyone is busy sweeping its flowers on the ground.

hee hee, yes, that's it :)

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