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My relaxation at home, Foot And Bath Spa. You maybe think i'm putting up spa/salon at home, LOL, I'm just fascinated and love to bath and foot soaking especially during my off days. I prefer to do at home rather than going spa/salon. I have basic knowledge on pedicure and manicure.

I Just wanna share some of the sea salts that i've been using at home. I do love also Epsom Salts. 

  • Sea Bath Salts (Vanilla Fragrance) Anti Stress 
  • Sea Salts (Rose) Sensual 
  • Foot Salts (Honey and Milk Fragrance) Relax
  • Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution (with Eucalyptus And Spearmint) Relax And Relief

All are excellent and with stunning scent, and dissolve quickly and let you enjoy a moment of total well-being. Wayback in my home, Philippines our house is just only few meters away from Pacific Ocean. We just only go soak, swim and enjoy the waves.

Sea salt is a natural detoxifier, as the salt absorbs the toxins from the skin. Soaking in Pacific sea salts will help release toxins that build up in the tissue and relieve our muscles as well as replace minerals that we loose everyday. And it is far greater soaking medium than Epsom salt because it speaks to the muscles and skin.

I hope you enjoy reading. Relax And enjoy.

This is my contribution for #sundayscentexperience hosted by @dutchess.

This picture was taken at home through my Smartphone.


Nice entry

Thank you. The source.

I never bathed in the ocean. very good set of bath salts !!!!!

You should visit my place, in the island of Samar.

Thank you :)

Ooooh those sea baths.....i love them. Yes! I know exactly what you mean! I use sea salt from the dead sea in my foothbaths. I add some essential oils to it. It just looks all so lovely, i could do with a good spa day i realise. Thank you!

Thank you @dutchess. I am fascinated with sea salts and would love to do spa at home. I'm using Moroccan Bath and Massage Oil its also nice.

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