Lily Of The Valley for Sunday Scent Experience

Today is Sunday which means Sunday Scent Experience hosted by our dear friend @dutchess. I brought you some lily of the valley flowers, which also means spring to me. This little tiny flower has a strong scent and all parts of the plant highly poisonous.

I have an aunt, she's 98 and has a lot of lily of the valleys in front of her house. She calls me every year to go pick some for myself. This is from her garden.

Lily of the valley was Christian Dior's favorite flower. In 1956 Dior produced a fragrance simulating lily of the valley, which is considered a classic.


Lily of the valley has been used in weddings, was featured in the bridal bouquet at the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.


How beautiful what a elegant flower :))

Thank you! :)

Your welcome :)

And everytime i smell this i have the memory of my dear grandfather clearly in front of me. He used to have these little ones in hus garden. I think its an old fashioned scent, i really like it. Beatiful pic Erika. I was unwell today so no scent post - i ll make one later in the week. Thank you for joining 😁

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Get well soon! Yes, you are right, it's an old fashioned scent, when I was a kid we had soap and perfume with this scent. Thank you for your kindness my dear friend 💖😊

Ooooh! this is one of my favorite flowers !!!! I really like this flavor. unfortunately in Israel, I do not see them

Sorry to upset you 😀😊

Beautiful shot Erika, these are lovely flowers!

Thank you Keith!

These are so sweet... Absolutely lovely, Erika!! 😊🌼

Thank you 😘

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