Good afternoon steemians this is my entry for #sundayscentexperience initiated by @dutchess.


This type of diffuser is a simple system where the essential oil rises through the reeds and the diffuser releases the fragrance into the air.

The essential oils or fragrance oils are a pure and natural base for fragrances and work nicely with reed diffusers.

Last Februray 2018 I bought it from Bangkok & The photo was taken by my Smartphone Samsung S8 Edge.


Lovely post.

Deat @abdoon you make the greatest post. I have to step back from steemit for a while, fue to health issues. I am so sorry for that. I will contact you when things get better. Please forgive me

Get well soon , the steemit make me enjoying and have fun but u make us to learn more things before we didn't know really we are going to miss u &again get well soon &take care ur self.

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