Sunday rant #newsteem

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No I get you it’s like this even in the real world you kinda need to “make” friends with the big folks here so much talk about curation that curation no just means circle jerk.

Find and vote the post that will have the most votes for the most bang for your vote.

Curation is a myth and will always be. Considering the whales will always vote the same people and will continue to do so.

Even if it’s just a meme about some stupid thing.

But shit they will down vote any post that “they” are think is not worthy of $4 but it’s okay for a post with $100 taking about a meme or something other thing. Because it’s called abuse.....

One thing to always remember money attracts money no matter the person saying different.

But now good thing we have Tribes where you can make new friends.

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