Sunday Contest #003

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Hello guys, if you explore steemit blog everyday you can find many contests running based on photography, life, writing etc. This is an awesome idea to do fun a lot and develop our skills in various creative works. I completely agree with the idea of running a contest on steemit platform. So, I have decided to start my new contest.

Name of this contest : Sunday Contest

Episode : #003

Main tag to be used to participate on this contest : #sundaycontest

Categories : Photography, Videos, Tutorials, News, Personal Experiences, Story, Poetry, Art & Writing on any attractive topics such as science, wildlife, animals, health & life. [I announce the name of the category at every Wednesday]

Rules : Only original contents must be shared. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

Participation : This Sunday (09 Sep 2018).

Award : At every Wednesday I announce the winner. Winner shall be awarded with 100% upvotes.

Disqualification : If you do not include tag #sundaycontest, If you do plagiarize, If you write a post to participate in this contest in other days except this Sunday (09 Sep 2018).

Anyone can participate in this contest.

Thank you :)

This Sunday contest - Name : Sunday Contest - Paranormal Activity

Category : Writing (Languages allowed : English, বাংলা, हिंदी)

Previous Sunday Contest : Name : Sunday Contest - Animal photography

Previous Sunday Contest Winner : @giselacan

Winning Post :

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Wow,congratulations to the winners.Will come this week,though I missed this.


you're most welcome :)

very interesting contest. I like the contest from you sir.

@royalmacro, Awesome contest for sure, and in my opinion these kind of contests are really important for the Engagement Levels.

And i hope and wish that we will going to see high rate of participation and i am also looking forward for this contest.

And current phase is reflecting as in crisis and in my opinion these kind of contests can give the boost.

Just want to know one thing, in this particular contest can i post the poetry piece?

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


ok, in the next contest I'll announce the name "Poetry Writing".


Thank you so much. 🙂

Paranormal activity? What an idea! But it will be tough for me to participate.


take it not seriously ... you may write any true story about ghosts :)

How happy I feel to be the winner of the #sundaycontest, we are going to see this week how it goes in writing, thanks and good luck to all!

congratulation @giselacan; very powerful hashtag, i'll use on sunday ❤😊❤


you're most welcome @ykdesign :)