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in sunday •  10 months ago

We sometimes end up planning so many things for the weekend - I need to do this, I need to do that, tick this item off the list, get that pending chore closed. I mean the possibilities of the kind of things that can be done over the weekend are endless, but well, there is also the likelihood of accomplishing nothing.

Interestingly, I had planned an exciting weekend for myself too.

But apparently, it ended up being in my head.


I thought I'd maybe:

write an epic blog and get some things done online.


hang out with friends and party hard.


eat out at that new restaurant in town.


But this is what I eventually ended up doing:

All Through The Weekend




Who doesn't love their sleep time! It unfortunately always falls on the top of my priority list...

Hope you had a more productive weekend ! :)

Thank you for reading! @jznsamuel

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okay, your post bought a smile in my face. HAHAHA..


glad you enjoyed it :) thanks @amrita

upvoted / peace man... i know i needed some more sleep this weekend, but we went to visit the folks and somehow it didn't happen... maybe next time around !


you had a more productive weekend, sleep can wait ;)

Didn't watch Cricket?


nope buddy.

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