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How are you all I hope you are very well Welcome to my new post I hope you are all well so one thing.

I want to say to all of you today is that in today's post you will not see more food recipes.

like two or three meals a day See the recipe. Today you can only see two meals.

The reason I couldn't make that much food today is that I woke up very early this morning and my little sister.

and I went to the hospital very early after waking up. I told you in my yesterday's post.

that there is a member of my household who has been admitted to the hospital with a lot of illness.

so his condition has deteriorated a bit so my younger sister and I went to see him and my older brother gave it to us.

We left a long time later. Back home at the moment so I didn't make any more food today at noon.

Now I just gave you an idea of how I spent all day today but now I will tell you in detail I hope,

you will understand. When we went to the hospital we saw that the nurse was taking good care of our patient ,

but we were waiting for the doctor to come. And something will say that whatever good or bad,

news you see one we can hear too we were waiting but unfortunately the doctor went to another,

city for emergency operation so we wait till around noon and the doctor comes in the afternoon and let,

us know He gave some tests as soon as the reports came in but he could tell if our patient would be,

hospitalized in a few more days or if we could take him home so my sister and I hope that our member

will get well soon and we will take him home. I will come, but now everything depends on the test report.


So I told you that I was in the hospital for most of my day today and that's why I didn't make any ,

lunch at home today. My younger sister and I ate at the canteen in the hospital and we ate light,

food at a restaurant in the evening when we got home. My younger sister and I went home and felt,

very tired after coming home because we were in the hospital all day. We had to move from one place to another.

Suddenly there was no need for medicine. Sometimes I was in a lot of tension with other things.

That is, at first we thought that this member of ours was not positive, but after two tests,

we found out that he was not negative, and later we found out that he had some kidney problems,

which is why he is sick. Now you can see that I cook today evening.

Ingredients for boiled egg with potato salad

400 grams halved,peeled,boiled potato
2 peeled,finely chopped egg
3 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
1 pinch powdered black pepper
1 pinch powdered salt

But if any of you are seeing my post for the first time today, then you must be feeling a little different about,

why I said other things in a food recipe post. I have made very few meals, so somehow.

I have shared with you the other things that I have. In fact, I share with you what I do every day in my daily life.

If you are looking at my post for the first time today then you are misunderstanding me ,

but I share food recipes every day and try to share very good ones so you can come back to my previous ones.

That's all for today's post see you again tomorrow in a new post.