How to absorb Vitamin D on a busy day!! Just 10 min for your health a day!

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If you`re from Europe, you probably know that. After a long dark and cold winter, energy is really low. We are yearning after light, warmth and oxygen. During the winter season, when the weather is grey and you spend most of your time inside, you will realise, that it effects your mood - lately after 3 month.

Nature tells us to calm down and relax, gain energy for the spring time, when everything is blooming, hormons are going to multiply and the temperatures are increasing. BUt in the society we are living in, there is no calming down. There is no winter break. Determind by the region you are living in, sun is rare. The body storages are empty and we are lacking energy.
The Vitamin we miss the most is Viatmin D. We need it from the sun, but the sun strays are too weak too come through clouds. In many areas it is raining or snowing. Actually, if it snow, you are lucky, because the snow reflects the light and you feel immediatly better.

If the winter was realy long, like the past one here in Germany, we are suffering from depression, avolition and motivation. If you think, the early sun strays in march and april are making the change happen it is not true like this.

The endocrine system needs time and energy to reboot the metabolism and thats why we are tired in the period of transition before spring comes. And now we are still sitting in our offices and see the beauty outside.
Don't grow desperate. Do what you can, but do it:

Take your lunch break and go for a walk. Already 10min may be enough to come in a better mood, improve your concentration and absorb some energy from Vitamin D. Take 20 min with some light food and you have boosted your organism for the entire day. Avoid sitting on a park bench, better move around to relax your back and shoulder muscles from sitting. Did you know about the correlation of a blocked hip and the jaw joint? And consequently headaches and lack of concentration?

Plan your lunch break wisely. More information from how to stay powerful on a daily basis?
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Yours Juliane

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