SOLAR MAXIMUM: Links to Cycles of war, Societal Change, and Personal Transformation of Consciousness (Free EBook)

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Note: This was originally written in April 2013 during the last solar maximum and only recently was published to ebook format. The information contained is still relevant.

The cycles of the sun are greatly impacting the reality that surrounds us as well as our biology and state of mind throughout time and civilization. We are currently going through a cycle, Sunspot cycle 24, that’s going to bring a lot of change to our society. Unfortunately, the area of research of how the Sun impacts the earth, climate, and human behavior still remains widely unknown. However, today there is a vast amount of historical data available which details the dramatic changes taking place on the planet and all living beings during periods of solar maximums where solar activity reaches its peak.

This information is an examination of how the eleven, on average, year cycles of the sun bring our planet diverse change through: increased earthquakes, natural disasters, extreme weather patterns, climate changes, disruptions to power grids, new ideas, directions and movements in society, and changes in human expression and behavior that includes personal transformations and spiritual awakenings.


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