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How did I start to look over the clouds in the face of the ground, the first time I noticed the sun to decorate the places where the reflection of the light, or the water flowing out of my hand as if to prevent the time to stop trying to stop?

A full year ago, SKY was pierced and I fell on the ground when SUN was hiding behind the rain clouds.

No, there must be an explanation for all of this, joking. Don't call him or not, are you crazy? He will say. I'll wait for a bit, but surely he'll call, I'll get angry at him first. Is this a joke, this time it makes me very angry, but will take my heart. I can't hear if the phone is switched off or if it's turned on, it's turned on, its volume is low. Now he started thinking about me and thinking about me.

Did not call or is it real or really separated, in fact this is unacceptable. Since one likes to break up on the phone, I think it's over for me now that I can't be happy with someone like that either. Shame on the phone, I'm not looking at the phone anymore, I put the phone in the small room, even if the call will not reach me. What was that sound, or was it a message or a message or something, what's it, kargom, damn you all?

I remember that a fire went out and didn't leave any ashes when we left. I really didn't know if my body hurt or my soul. How did my tears lead to them so quickly, and my cheeks began to glide, my knees could not bear the burden of my body and my soul, and my head was twisted at a time and my head was lost in my hands, I couldn't understand.

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