Lazy Sunday 🌞

in #summer4 years ago

I cherish days like these. Wake up whenever, read, workout, food prep, meditate, feel like the universe is on my team 😍

I am getting the chance to read the first part of a book not yet released, called “The Secrets of Student Loan Debt Revealed” by my homie @larrymorrison. It is so comprehensive!! I’ve studied under Larry for almost a year now, and I’m constantly learning new things. We’ll definitely be hyping it up on Steem when he finishes it!

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@larrymorrison has a book?? That’s legit 👍🏻 Hi Carly, glad to see you are enjoying your weekend 😎 As far as waking up whenever, that is something I cannot do with 3 boys at home lol.

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Yeah you are on their time for a while lol!
Yes! Larry has been researching and writing a book for the last year or so!

Yay. Weekends Rock! I hear Carlsbad & Oceanside have lovely weekends.

Don’t. Even. Just don’t. 🤦‍♀️🌊☀️🏖

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