Summer Status-What's new Steemit'onians?

in summer •  3 months ago

Aloha Steemit'onians, how are you doing?
Are there any goals you will achieve by the end of the season?
Just wanted to see how you're doing!
I've posted some new recipes on (always vegan/plant based) and can share some here too, as well as some art....also a new Save the Ocean movement :)
Well wishes to ALL!
Image from Pixabay

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I want to buy a house but with this bear market will be very difficult hehehe. Regards

Great to see your post dear after a long time once again hope you are great :D enjoying : )

Oh wow what a beautiful shot and omg seeing you after a very very long time :D where have you been

wonderful photo in first time is good participation in this challenge @micheletrainer

yeah good photo and these effects make it more awesome and exellent mam

Beautiful place, perfect photography, congratulations!