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in summer •  6 months ago


I haven’t been posting in recent months because of various reasons (work and family-not much extra time) but now I´m back and hopefully back to stay. Here up north (in Finland) we have for sure had the craziest May ever. It has been the hottest May in history with 14 days when the temperature has been above +25 degrees Celsius (so called hellepäivä i finnish). This is so extraordinary that people talk about the weather all the time and forget to just enjoy. I have tried to enjoy because for sure it won´t happen again in my lifetime:)

Next week I will start my summer holiday (not so bad to be a teacher summertime) and in two weeks time football world cup in Russia starts. I´ve already got so called “world cup-fewer” and are quite exciting about it. I will surley do posts about the World Cup in the near future but if I had to put my money on one team today, it would be Spain. I know Brazil is maybe the biggest favourite but Iḿ not so sure about them. At the moment I just feel Spain have a really good starting eleven and with Ramos-Pique in the hearth of the defence it won´t be easy to score against them. Though I have to take a closer look an the best teams squads and try to watch some friendlies before the World Cup starts to decide the winner.

Oh those summer days in the finnish archipelago…..




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wuo it's the first time I read one of your publications and
are very good
I hope to read your publications about the world cup
I follow you, my name is Maria Gabriela
good pictures