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Summer is almost here. Are you ready to spend some quality time outdoors in nature, go hiking, and plan camping trips? Camping is one of the fun activities to have, spending a good time with loved ones and make new wonderful memories. Of course these days it may not be possible in some places in the world due to the stay at home restrictions. In some areas, it is possible to do without endangering others to viruses or yourself. If you are planning on going camping this summer season or sometime in the future, please see if Tree Tent Hammocks by Tentsile are something you would love to have.

Tentsile has multiple different tree tents and their pricing also varies and ranges between $200 and $950. There are models designed for specific amounts of people, designed to be a unique, and comfortable outdoor shelter that keeps you above the ground. Stringray Tree Tent is spacious and has a triple hammock interior to keep campers separated and comfortable. The price for this model is $650.

Some of the features:

*The tent can be accessed via a floor hatch in the center and a large front door.

  • The tent can be suspended between trees, trucks, etc.
  • The tent has a removable rain fly for unbeatable views and superior protection.
  • This model is for three people. However, it can also become a multi-story camping base for six by setting up Trillium underneath the tent.
  • It is highly recommended to read the visual manual before using the tent.

Tentsile has several different Tree Tent models. Feel free to browse their website and find the product that fits your camping needs best.

Tentsile ships its products worldwide.

All images are from Tentsile's website.