It's time to be summer!

in #summer5 years ago (edited)

Hello fellas,

It's winter here in my country and I can not wait for it to end. I prefer summer!
I miss the sea, the beaches, and all summer entertainment.


What prefer you winter or summer?


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I like winter but in my place it is now summer

hahah means youu mis it @gaul

I like four seasons . But my country .evry seasons are beautiful and good
Allah( God) give us four seasons ..

I want it to end as quick as possible! Sometimes I feel like getting as moody as the weather here in Germany. I love the car on your picture, was that your vacation ? :)

Yes, that was my vacation some years ago in one of the most popular resort in Bulgaria called Lozenec. I recommend it.

Being a Norwegian, I love (downhill) skiing, but vastly prefer summer over winter. Love the light in your first photo. You can just about feel the summer vibes. 🌸


Ugh, ​I can't wait for it to be summer! I​ love winter, but I love heat and beach days and warm summer nights :( :(

very delicious😋

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What a nice view of my home country beaches! I hope you've had a great vacation, i really enjoyed seeing and I'm waiting for summer and the beach! Thank you for the great post freetime !!!

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