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It's so scary to see that the suicide rate across the world is increasing so fast. Millions of people taking their own life due to one reason or the other is heartbreaking, hence it is a major public health problem and the responsibility of checking on our friends and family lies on our shoulders because you might not know when one is feeling #suicidal since some of them tend to hide it.
I had once gone through that phase in,I was really #depressed and thought of ending it. I thought about all I have been through and how taking my life would relieve me from all the stress but then I also thought about alots of things I had always wished to enjoy in life,my plans all going down the drain. I had always wished to own a duplex, buys exotic cars, eat different delicious meals from different parts of the world and lots more. How do I leave this world knowing I didn't even even achieve any of these? I realised i had a more concrete reason to stay alive. I had to inform a close friend about my suicidal thoughts,she gave me lots of advise and encouragements. According to her "when there is life,there is hope,this is a phase and it will pass" and that was it.
I made it through
I chose life
You too can choose to live.

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