How I Lost Everything, This May Be A GoodBye To The World


The world has become dark and empty for since the last 48hours, darkness looms over my soul, my heart became heavier than the world itself and I feel as though my life is over.

This is my story and experience and I’d love you all to learn from it.
So I got on this crypto arbitrage trading platform called (COTPs) with all my life savings and some borrowed funds just to maximize profit, it was all going well at first and everything seems like it was going to put an end to my financial problems.

Little do I know that nothing of such lasts forever, I’ve made a fortune but failed to withdraw just a dime from it. And it happened that the platform crashed in on me and I’m left with nothing plus still in debt.

I feel suicidal, I’m looking for a way out of this problem but it seems to me as the end of everything cause I got into a lot of debt. Well I’m putting this out here for you guys to learn from this and to always invest what you can afford. This could be a goodbye message to the world 🌎.

Thanks for reading


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