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suicide_1_featured.jpgOne online video game. Its activities are similar to all other online games. So in this game when youths were forced to play, it did not seem that something terrible could happen to parents. Although online games have become a cause for headline in the past years, parents have become the reason for this. Elderly children will not spend any time studying with relatives, friends and friends while leaving school, they do not see any signs. Going to the field of sports? So he is fine! They are not going to class properly, lackless in class, wake up at the right time, eat and drink everything in mechanics. Not only the guardians, the addiction of young people to online games has increased thinking psychologists and sociologists too. Children's psychosis is shrinking gradually. Normal growth is inhibition of this game. Just so! There are many unpleasant incidents happening around the world while playing online games. Blue Whale Suicide Game is one such online game.

download.jpgIn recent times, more than a number of accidents and suicides in European countries have been named in this social gaming named 'Blue Whale Suicide Games'. According to one statistical information, 16 young women committed suicide in the last three months in Russia and neighboring areas.

In such a short time, so many young girls were surprised by the suicide of the police. Among them, police reported that two schoolgirls of Siberia Yulia Konstantinova (15) and Veronica Volkova (14) jumped from a multi-storied roof and reported suicide. The investigating officers felt that this suicide is not an isolated incident, perhaps there is a secret link between them. Before death, Yulia posted a photo of a whale on her social page and wrote 'Finished'. The police came down to the investigation and this 'Blue Whale Suicide Game' The police are more likely to think that at least 130 people in this world are responsible for the self-indulgence of this online game.

In this game, the participants had to complete 50 autonomous stages. These levels were strange and horrible. Various tasks of each level were quite awesome. The startup tasks of the game are not anything but ahamahara. It's rather funny. For example, suddenly they got up in the middle of the night watching ghost movies. And that's why easily getting attracted to this online game teenager.

blue-whale-game.jpgBut the events are happening in the following levels. As the level of the game progresses, the task is so difficult and horrifying. One task was that the contestant had to leak 50 needles (injecting index) in his body and posted that picture on the gaming page. The 50th task of the final phase of the competition, whose precondition is suicide!

The police said that, in the meantime, 16 young men suicidal have chosen the path of suicide under the 50th task of this game. Russia fears that the 'Blue Whale Suicide Game' is behind the suicide of at least 130 people who have been suicidal in recent times worldwide.

download (1).jpgRussian police said on international media, 16 young people, including Julia and Veronica, were involved in suicidal games. They were a devoted player. It almost reached the stage of the madness in this game of their lives. They did not hesitated to finish themselves in the game as they tried to win themselves. Each competitor reached the 50th level of the game. The contestants have to commit suicide on this 50th level. And thus, these young women chose the path of suicide.

In the investigation, the police can also know that the one that has the mobile app for this gaming can not be easily deleted by downloading it once. Just so! Once upon a time, there is a notification that the mobile is coming to the mobile. As a result, the user of the mobile phone was forced to play these games.

suicide_2.pngPolice went to the investigation to find Philippe in search of the case But everyone's question arises, but who is this Philipp? Why did young people give up their lives for him? According to sources received from Russia Police, 21-year-old Philip was a resident of Russia. She was the admin of the social gaming page called 'Blue Whale Suicide Game' in the social media called Vicontaxe. Naturally, the police suspect him afterwards. In the end, police investigated Philip after arresting him for a few daysdownload (2).jpg.

The police also admitted that Philip was confessed to playing this game. But he refuses to take responsibility for these deaths. He does not agree to any of his online games as a crime. His statement, he is 'correcting' society through his game. He was proud to say that his goal was to push those who should not live in society, to push them to death. In the face of Philipp's words, the suspicion of his mental wellness is in the police's mind. Philipp is now captive in Christie's prison in St. Petersburg.

A page of social media is not closed when the admin is arrested. Although Philip was captured, his page was not stopped, and the page did not stop. As a result, the page is going from the thought line of police. At present, the 'Blue Whale Suicide Games' is becoming increasingly popular among Britain's youth by surpassing Russia's borders. As a result, thinking is rising in Europe by many psychologists and sociologists. The campaign is being run from the school college and guardians are being warned to keep their children away from this game. So police-administration thinks about banning this page of suicide game.

Do not you think everything is strange? How a normal game is taking away the life of a teenager! Psychologists have also been quite worried about the issue. Why are so many boys due to a game of May

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