What I've learned - Watching Arrow

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What I've learned - Watching Arrow.

Ok guy's I hope you understand I'm just winging it here on steemit. Truth is, I got NO IDEA what I'm doing with social media. I get these compliments for this and that and guys, mostly all I can do is say thank you because usually I have no clue what I'm being complimented for. :)
This is basically my first time interacting through such a medium. I have been a social media hermit the whole time (basically). And my typing sucks. I'm an introvert that has way too much over-stimulation in my life. So I often find myself needing my solitude to re-charge. But GOD willing I'll stay with it here to give back for all that I have gained through my life's time in my introversion. And If I learn what to do productively enough, I think I will invest in a new (quality) laptop cuz I really screwed up on this one! "Dude, I gotta dud/Dell" Yaknow?! But I digress...

Observing ego is easy to teach on, just not so easy to master! ;) So, as a disclaimer

For my posts advice etc... Hear my words and consider them as I give honest and good advice. It may or may not be right for you, or it may be right for you but not at this time or perhaps this situation. So buyer beware yaknow? But all that being said,
know that my advice is usually good to advise and good to consider but,...
Don't watch me too closely, because it can be a bitch to master. ;)-

However, as with many introverts we actually have deep feelings toward helping people, hence my conflicts. We just get heavily drained by being around people for too long and don't (often) trust them and often it's because our nature can set us up to "be hurt or taken for a ride" As I have- many times. And as Oliver went through many changes, so have I and as we all go through life and our own island-type of purgatory we all go through changes. How many times do we truly use observing ego and ask is this truly a good and productive change? Am I changing at will; and out of a desire to become the best me because of an event or set of events influencing me? Or, am I just reacting out of self-preservation? Self-preservation means well but, is usually and obviously "selfish".

So, if you are still with me lets get on with my thoughts on change and how I use Arrow to cut my own template of change by watching Oliver and asking as many productive questions as I can.

Arrow: episode 01 season 01

Oliver: She says the island changed me, she has no idea how much.

Oliver on his island start, was thrust into horrid conditions and forced to endure torture and suffering all from a stark contrast of Unicorns and Skittle-Rainbows of his old life. He had ALL control and the perks of being the center of his former perceived universe taken away. He had all the participation trophies taken down and trashed. His whole world of expectations taken out of his hands and thrown in a pile and urinated on. He was fortunate to be taken in by someone that saw his condition and knew where it would take him if he did not make changes! Perhaps Yao Fei took him also seeing his potential. However, at that point Oliver's luck turned for the better though he didn't see it at first, because Yao Fei taught him with what is sorely missing in much of today's millennials. It's called tough love. Nothing grows without some resistance and nothing grows because of something else's condition. It's all personal and we each must pay very close attention or we grow wild. Because life is all about resistance and trouble so, change/growth is inevitable. And often it is NOT fair.

The big question is how are you changing? How are you growing? Is it out of observing ego with your own observance and study and questioning? Or, are you being led by life happenstance thoughtless reactions based on pure subconscious need of self-preservation? Unfortunately Oliver lost his teacher and had to do the best he could do by himself with what he had along the way. It led him down a long and twisted and in some cases a dark road. The saving grace for him (at this point of time the show has not ended) is that Oliver had a deep cut groove to be the good guy and to administer justice to a group of people in the name of his deceased father. So, he at least knew his end point he knew where he wanted to end up and what his part was supposed to be. His path there was what was so muddled though.

I myself as I've mentioned ended up with a deep distrust and extreme lack of desire to interact with people due to my own life and it's Island-type of purgatory that unfortunately I had no Yao Fei . I had my own childhood ideas of who I wanted to be but after being thrown into my own meat grinder I became well,.. lost, and though I had a deep desire to be a hero type was deeply disenfranchised with the idea being possible. I became bad(er) :) . Think a version of "Kung fu Hustle" if you haven't seen it It's worth it! Maybe I will do a write up on that at some point as it illustrates how life does not have to have the last say about who we become. The only thing we truly have control of is how we "react" to life.

We also, I think(I hope), are able to come back as Oliver did. That is also a thought on, when does it end? How do we know when we have become our best us? People, it's not a destination it's a path, a "way". A way of being, ever-changing. But what direction you run in; That is the question. Because life will never stop resisting you. The old man inside (as the Bible refers to) continues to fight the new one. Until the whole show is over. Which is another reason to slow down on the sjw nonsense because I know damn well it's not just me that is screwed up!! This whole world is loaded with people that need change!! Usually it's the ones screaming at someone else to change that need the most change. So, let's all take a step back and consider where we are on our own paths of change and if perhaps we need to "update" our GPS data. :)

And one more thought before I wrap this up be careful on who you say is the bad guy in need of judgement. They may be like Oliver at one of his darker points of his path on his way to someday,... save your ass down the road! Unless you are GOD you just don't know some else's destination - Nor can you choose/demand it. Everyone's path often winds from dark to light, one way or another . And it's our own responsibility to urge and demand change "from ourselves" not others. You can show someone you can't demand it. Change always grows from within. Just use observing ego.

Yes our life/purgatory changes us but we sign off on it, or not. So, in the end WE change ourselves. The only things we can UTTERLY control in life is "how we respond to life")-make the change you want to see. The great news is just as life can offer up a dark road for you, you can choose to turn around! So if you are feeling without hope If you feel lost, wrong, bad, evil, dark whatever, the good news is just like you got to that point you can choose change again choose to walk another path so CHOOSE. If you ain't dead you're still going! Plenty of great men and women of wisdom for us to learn from now (at will-for free!) Jim Rohn, Nick Vujicic, Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, Les Brown, etc.. Turn these people into your own personal Yao Fei. If you do not have one personally already. There's plenty of video platforms with their great council available for free! Use them.

Don't give up on yourself and slow down on your condemnation of others because we are all on a changing path, and it's our own. Mine is not yours and yours is not mine. When yours is light mine may be dark. That doesn't mean my next turn won't set me in a place to help you when your's is dark. But just know of all things you can count on in life "change" is a certainty! The question is are you going to "actively choose change" or just let it smack you around?

"Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself"
Leo Tolstoy

I am Groot- Have a good day, have it all week long....and Shēngcún :)

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