Subconscious writing and literal suggestion implementation in song.

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Subconscious writing and literal suggestion implementation in song.

The first definitive is to define the objective. Many things can be spoken or read. For this example of suggestion the literal sense is taken into perception. Where the subconscious is effected by tone change, volume variation, and gesture. The same can be made present in the perception of a reader. Where as, an implementation of hypnotic suggestion can be part induction upon the mind of a reader. In order to understand this concept it’s best to be versed on Freud, C. G. Jung, Brewer, and other early hypnotists. The understanding of Freud’s lectures considering a dog trained to arrive by sound for food helps understand conditioning. A song is perfect for the representation of ability to convince the subconscious mind by repetition creating a suggestions long standing recall. Whereas, the implementations consideration or suggestive nature is for the author. It’s with great prayer that I request those whom master this art have done so for the purpose of good. Suggestion will not be taken by an audience whom is not suggestive excluding approximately 1/5th of the population. However, no matter how non-suggestive a character the acceptance of suggestion is the key factor. All are subject to the potentials of hypnosis when given command, or offered suggestion, in the event that they accept the person whom is suggesting.
The reason suggestion sometimes fails when inducing a subject that is compliant with test indication responses can be due to moral fiber. The moral fiber represents the ability to shield oneself from suggestion that is irrational. We know that to be burned brings pain. Thus the strength of pain indicators shield the suggestion to “light yourself on fire” due to previous dopamine’s pain reaction when coming across fire within the earliest of our awareness toward burning sensations. Suggesting something that is acceptable to the subject may assist in sparking response. A simple suggestion while in conversation is one where testing subject touches their nose. Hypothetically, the reaction of the suggestive accepting is to react by touching their own nose.
The response of repetition in this way reveals whether someone is accepting of your suggestion nonverbally. Suggesting “touch your nose” is a much more acceptable suggestion that often results in subdominant awareness. A subdominant reaction may provide you with the knowledge that provides a dominant character roll within your association. It’s ok to respond by touching your nose when seeing it done by someone you follow. In consideration to the term ”follow” a following of suggestion requires target of suggestion’s subdominant acceptance. A subdominant will not walk into a situation that threatens the body due to previous developments awareness thwarting acceptance of such suggestion. In order to suggest properly one must assure their attempt is made by securing the art of acceptable suggestion to the subject. The application of “yes theory” where theoretical continuation of answering yes to questions provides and immediate yes response when asking additional questions. Hypothetically, if you questioned a subject with 5 questions knowing the answer is yes. The subject is likely to reply to a sixth question with a YES. You can test this theory on a subject and come to find some will say YES to something they may be likely to say NO to. The reason is because the subconscious is following up with response it expects.
The subconscious expectancy is one that requires an appropriate build to achieve. A passage of literary work can be brief when addressing the subconscious. A repetitive state of awareness considering social tends can offer doorways of perception that offer a relationship between author and reading subjects. The implementation of expectancy is one that can hold a subject. The art of holding a subject is one that may be required by hypnotists that use hypnosis in their daily conversation. Expecting to be awarded with something by early indicator can benefit an author. The reader understands common awareness of books. Considering that to skip ahead may fail to reach the “full understanding” of the literary work. When writing suggestive content for the purpose of response consider ways in which political affairs may apply to rulings that deem votes winnable among a large percentage of suggestive populous. While, all parties campaigning may be aware of such things perception is the key. All cannot be won by hypnosis alone. However, a subject can be sustained long enough to suggest fully by way of subconscious expectancy. Consider what expectancies that have kept you waiting for an action to be completed. If you’ve “waited on line” at a store. The conjure of words offering the reader is waiting on line may induce patience to read the passage fully.

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