Is sugar an addictive drug???

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Some researchers believe that sugar should be treated as an addictive drug and that "abusing this drug is causing harmful health effects".


--> Sugary foods have a great impact on the reward system in the brain which causes the neurotransmitter dopamine to be released as a reward.

--> Drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines, and nicotine take a vehicle by force this brain system. putting in operation of this system leads to very strong feelings of reward that can outcome in a strong desire and need to be caused by a tendency.

--> So drugs and sugar both activate the same reward system in the brain causing the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

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This chemical way taken by electric current is activated by natural rewards and behaviors that are most important to our selection of the strongest and the another part of the species such as taking food with good taste, high power for a given time foods, having sex and acting between, among in a group way.

--> Putting in operation this system makes you need to do the behavior again. The substance-use disease is represented by a range of problems including strong desire, on-going use despite not effects attempting to equal but not managing to, quality of letting acts go on by others and taking away.

--> Although sugary foods are easily available excessive consumption can lead to a number of problems similar to that of addiction. So it appears sugar may have addictive qualities.


However, there is no concrete evidence that links sugar with an addiction/withdrawal system in humans currently but studies using rats suggest this possibility.

--> Dopamine has an important part in the brain, giving directions for our attention in the direction of things like with good taste foods that are linked to feelings of reward. The dopamine system becomes activated at the Anticipation of feelings of pleasure. This means our attention can be outlined to cakes and chocolates when we are not necessarily in need of food, making come to mind strong desire. Our regular order can even cause sugar strong desire.


We can not quite consciously need a bar of chocolate or a sugary drink in the afternoon. If this is a normal part of our daily tendencies done over again putting in operation of the dopamine reward system causes the brain to adjust to the frequent system effect of.

When we enjoy lots of these foods on a regular basis the system starts to change to prevent it from becoming overstimulated.





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Various food Commercial brands uses this recipe of Sugar salt combinations to provoke our neurotransmitter and to make us addicted to it, like waffers Lays , and kind of snacks. informative article buddy. please visit my post and give your precious opinion and upvote

Do not consume too much sugar. Because it can increase triglyceride levels

I'm a sugar lover,

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Nice blog

i agree with that, for me i have 5 years when i decided to decrease the quantity of sugar on my daily program

after read this article i think we shout give up sugar and take sweet frm natural resorces

I teacher says to eat sweets before exams.

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Frankly saying its most addictive and lethal for our body... Too much sugar slows our metabolism and gave us many diseases.

I used a lot of sugar on daily basis in my diet😂😂😊

Nice article . I'm addicted to sugar but now I'm taking in limit .

@siatteuk how are you? hope you liked it!

Great explain bro sugar is also danger for health
HEALTH IS WEALTH bro thank 4 good one @moinece36

This article is super informative buddy. I leaned some new things from it. Keep sharing great content like this

yes bro sugar is very dangerous for our health.

Never though of it but thanks for the information.

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@moinece36 great info my friend

I hv also read about this, crystallisation of suger makes sugar harmful for body .. nd nd this makes addiction of sugar

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Good one bro.. I upvoted your blog.. keep working.. all the best..

It is helpful post for health.

this is called yummy post :P

This is some good information.

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