10 rules of conduct with a girl who is older than you

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Today we try to talk about 10 rules what you need to do or not to do with your sugar momma or just a old girl which older then you to make your date more sweet and perceptivity.

  1. Do not overdo with sex
    Immediately make a reservation: this text is for the youngest and most hyperactive part of our audience, young men aged 18-25 (those who are more experienced can just look at the pictures - also a pleasure). So - an unkind sign, if, after having sex with you, she regularly reduces her leg, tucks in the side, dizzy and hugs in the back anxiously. Most likely, eight times a day a woman who is older than you (hereinafter FSW) does not really want to. Well, you understand: pressure, arrhythmia, and in general - trouble at work and tomorrow get up early. Of course, she will tolerate your sprint fights a fortnight or so, it is possible that on anesthetics and "red boole" - but then it's better to go from quantity to quality.
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  2. Speak less and listen more
    It is not necessary to specify how many times she finished, if she is not ready to hear the truth (although adults do not ask about such things at all). This fellow students can, without blushing, perjury about sixteen orgasms in half an hour. FSW for this too respects itself, the partner (that is, you) and the process itself. Instead of an uplifting lies, she will better tell you why it is so much more pleasant than that, where else she should be kissed and why she needs that pompous thing on the nightstand. In short, he will share the secrets of mastery. And do not be a burdock - listen and remember. According to the informative level, a week of regular coitus with FSW is equal to the year of somersaults with peers.

  3. Do not pretend to be older and more experienced
    Tie instead of hoodies and sneakers New Balance. Seryozhka from the ear off. Points for solidity. A briefcase, not a backpack. Guy, who are you trying to cheat? You fell in love with FSW and without all these attributes of solidity. And if, in your place, there was not a divorced manager with an outlined bald head, which means that glasses, ties and briefcases are not what is currently attracted to her in men. In other words, you are likable to FSW in its original form, so leave it as it is.

The same goes for trying to look more experienced than you really are. Fictitious stories about the crowds of conquered women and the imprisoned multimillion-dollar contracts, allegedly read books and seen films - all this is calculated at a time. You do not want the FSW to think you even more foolish than you really are.

Female adult and experienced
Of all the ways to raise self-esteem
an affair with a guy who suits you as a son,

  • probably the most laborious
    and unproductive
  1. Post friends with friends
    The question of friends and acquaintance with them is one of the most delicate. It is enough to at least once appear in your company at hand with such an outrageously young you - and otherwise as a "child molestor" and "pedophile" it will not be called from now on.

Your friends and especially friends, I suppose, will also react ambiguously to the overage companion.

Practice shows that at the first time it is wiser not to advertise your unequal union. The FSW knows this. It's good to learn and you, and not begging for corporate parties and dinner parties. And having been refused, do not terrorize her with reproaches, they say, "you're embarrassed me."

When and if there is something to show the public (for example, love to the grave, marriage certificate, a couple of little boys and a little girl's daughter) - then you will leave the shadows.

And up to this point it is safer not to shock the already nervous public.

  1. Do not plan leisure alone

According to your understanding, it's good to spend a day off - it's to snooze until three o'clock in the afternoon, order a lunch for a breakfast of pizza, then go for a ride on a bike, in the evening play with friends in Munchkin or watch Futurama, and after midnight move to the club. First time you will be sure that the FSW thinks about the same. Ha and a hundred times more ha! From her 12-hour sleep, how to drink, her back hurts. From pizza - gases. "Munchkin" and "Futurama" she in the old manner would prefer a good book. After riding a bicycle, she will limp for a week, and from a thundering club house, cigarette smoke and cheap viskarya - suffer from migraine. This is all for the fact that the FSW will certainly agree to any adventure offered by the pompous youth and health of the boyfriend, just to not look like an old bag in his eyes. But do not be an animal - compare your ideas with her interests and ask more often what she would like to do herself.

  1. Do not bother about money
    No, I do not encourage you to become an alfonso, but to climb out of your own skin does not make much sense either. Yes, maybe one dish in her favorite restaurant costs, like all your monthly rations. Only this does not mean that you have to work on three jobs, if only the girl older than you did not deny herself truffles and foie gras. On the other hand, she does not have to eat in the station wagons, which you can afford.

The way out is simple: once honestly paint your real financial situation - and let it decide how it will go on. Will offer to pay for chebureks 50 to 50 - why not. Would prefer to take you to restaurants at your own expense - a flag in her hands, you're only there not especially borzois. Under the same scheme it is recommended to solve the issue of paying for joint rest, shopping, etc.

  1. Beware of giving advice
    At a time when you were calculating the square roots, the FSW already rotated novels and went to interviews. Not surprisingly, by the time of your meeting, she will have a background that you never dreamed of, and an extensive collection of former bosses, ex-lovers and husbands, mother-in-law, children, nannies, neighbors, etc. God forbid you to begin to "give the connoisseur of life" and advise her how it will be more correct and better to resolve this or that collision. For this, she has an army of best friends, a psychotherapist, a manicurist, a yoga coach and a spiritual mentor in addition. Speak about serious - listen and nod, but comment on the minimum. Otherwise, you can discredit yourself once and for all in her eyes. As a rule, it is in the course of such conversations that it becomes obvious to the souls how great the gulf separating you is.

  2. Keep emotions under control
    It is not ruled out that you will be discouraged and even touched by some detachment and coldness of FSW. You broke through the night (!) To the other end of the city (!) To give a bouquet of violets (!) And breathe in the scent of her hair (!), And she did not even burst into tears of happiness - oh, woman, do you have a piece of brick instead of your heart? !! But it's really not what you think. The FSW does not rush your neck at a meeting, does not write one hundred SMS messages a day, refuses to be jealous of a neighbor and spend the whole night trying to find out the relationship not because she does not care about you. She's just an adult. And adult people a priori more accurately dispose of their own emotions: try not to scatter loud words, do not swear in the face, etc. Take it as a reality and do not waste your and her nerves in vain. Your romantic attempts and inclination to dramatize everything is, of course, nice. But damn tiring.

  3. Filter the humor
    Remember once and for all: if someone is allowed to be ironic about the difference in age, then only to her. Quod licet Jovi, as they say, non licet bovi. And in Russian, every cricket know its own pole.

The use of revolutions such as "in my youth ...", "the elder is more visible ...", "live to my age and you will understand ..." is nothing but a defensive reaction. Although we live in a free country, the society with different degrees of condemnation looks at the "daddies" in an embrace with the PTShnishniki and at the age-old ladies with young lovers. The FSW with its caustic comments like how it demonstrates to the world that it has not yet completely survived from the mind and is aware of whom it has contacted, but does not have a bit of a complex about it. In fact, complex, of course. And your witticisms on the topic of age will be treated as frank rudeness and cruelty.

  1. Do not think that she can not have serious feelings for you.
    There is an opinion that the only reason why a lady, say, under forty is associated with a 20-year-old boy, is a desire to unwind, cheer up, taste, so to speak, a young meat. That's certainly not the only one! According to my internal statistics, stories where a woman falls in love with a young boyfriend, even more than those where all the sex begins and ends. I'll explain why. Of all the ways to raise self-esteem an affair with a guy who suits you in sons, is probably the most time-consuming and unproductive. So it is historically developed that it is easier for a girl to feel more like a fool, dependent, driven, "baby" and "fool" (no matter how old she is, 16 or 36). With a young gentleman, the stump is clear, this is unreal. We add social pressure, complexes, exhausting mismatch in speeds and amplitudes. In short, this is really difficult. So much effort for the sake of God knows what pleasure (see point 1, where the negative consequences of your hypersexuality are described in black and white)? Well, do not tell me! So it turns out that, as a rule, a woman gets into an affair with a young woman, having serious, very serious reasons for this ...

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