The harmful aspects of sugar

in sugar •  2 years ago 

use has been used since ancient times to make food more delicious in food and cooking. There is no pair of sweet, sweet drinks and sweet fruit as well as sugar. But eating this extra sugar food can be harmful for life.
Studies show that those who eat excess sugar or sweet drinks are more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, obesity or genetic material and different types of cancer. Obtaining excess sugar causes obstruction of the body's metabolism process.

Many people have replaced the substitutive suetner instead of sugar, which is more harmful for health. So it is good to eat sugar or sugar food or not eat well and good for health.

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harmful why


thanks for your comment my friend.
limited is not harmful

thanks for confirming @hridoy7545


welcome brother @mohammadrasel

We have to consume limited quantity of sugar.


thanks for your comment
yes, you are right brother @samantharini

is it?? i used daily at least 3 to 4 teaspoons of sugars OMG


thanks for your comment
i hope you will try to control your habit

lowsuger so no tension


yes you are right brother