When it is almost over ........

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It's has taken a long period of time since I came on here to blog. Unfortunately, what I intended or planned putting on my blog after several days of break isn't what am actually going to be putting on my blog today


Bewitched by the in-chronological arrangement of the nation, I got myself delayed for the conclusion of my first degree. Fortunately , it is almost over...........
With rigorous pile of works and activities to be carried out, time for blogging and surfing on net needed to be controlled but I still engaged myself in some other activities comprising steemit.

Before I derail of my track......am thinking of committing sucide for the 2nd time in consecutive years.

Have I lost the zeal to fight

What could exactly be going on within the circle of my readers mind ? Is he crazy ? What is he thinking of ? Why is he saying all this ?

Within the short span of time I have lived on earth, am a fan of relating to people that "nothing impossible can't happen to you" OR let me break it down - that a circumstance or end result of a situation can happen to you the way it happened to another.

My believe is that one should not experience or undertake the conditions that led to the bad result of another.
You think you can steal and get beaten in the market ? See the level of poverty and frustration Judas Ischariot went through. You think you can leave your modest and decent live for a wayward one ? Hope you don't get enough push that leads you down that road.

I still can't believe it with my level of understanding and knowledge, am actually thinking of sucide. But why am not doing it and taking my time to type and write this out is a mystery I can't phantom. Series of event in the past few days HAS finally got control over me.

What really happened

I lost all again

Have I been so heartless and bad that consecutively for four years now , have been robbed off my hard earned effort and work and I just have to start all over.

Why must I start over again when it is almost over

Before you conclude within the spacious mass of your heart about my stupidness and foolishness remember to put in mind - "what goes around can always come around "

This is the sixth time am putting up this write-up and I ended erase then each time and all I can say is this

  • What could have happened to a trainer of sky diving that lost his or her balance on the air

  • What could have happened to a trainer of swimming that lost his or her breath in water

  • The life of a pilot guiding new pilots but ends up crashing the plan.

The article may not be for my sake but I know it can be valuable to one of my faithful readers.

Am olanrewaju and this write up is subjected to opinion, suggestions and contributions

When its almost over......I have to start again and am not afraid to do that

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